WOC Base station SD card only writes event thumbnails

Since Nov 2020 my WOC will only write Event thumbnails to the SD card.
Here is what I have on the SD card.:

No Alarm videos after 11/26/2020
No event videos after 5/19/2020
Event Thumbnails are current
No alarm photos after 11/26/2020
No alarm videos after 11/26/2020

Looked for some settings. I can’t find any.

Any thoughts?

Do you have Cam Plus ? it doesn’t work if you have CP. I have no idea what Alarm photos and videos are, there are only event videos and thumbnail photos that are made when the cam detects something and records it.

Antonius, Tnx for the reply. I DO have CP on this WOC. But if that is normal behavior, it is ridiculous and should be addressed by Wyze. If internet is lost, there is no backup for the events this camera witnesses.

Further, please see below for the files/folders on my SD card. These were put there by the Wyze system. This was a brand new SD card that was installed and formatted when the camera went into service. Clearly there are all of the folders I mentioned above.

Maybe someone else viewing this thread my have some insight. Thanks.

Sorry if you open the link I sent toward the bottom you will see this note: Please note: This is only for standard 12-second events. If the camera has Cam Plus enabled, events beyond 12-seconds will NOT be backed up to the Base Station SD card.
When I had Cam Plus on my cameras I don’t think I got any events recorded to the base, if so very few. I did however get 1000+ thumbnail photos. Next time I take the card out of my base I will look to see if it has 'alarm video" File. I have never seen it before. I am not using CP anymore I am doing scheduled event recordings to 32GB SD cards in the cams. I still get to push notifications up to 12 seconds but if I want to view the entire longer video I have to take the card out of the cam to do so.