Membership pricing on the website

Why is it when I’m on the website on my PC i go to purchase something it offers me “membership pricing” which is like a $3.00 discount, however, when I go to order the same product from my Wyze app I’m not offered the same pricing? The really frustrating part is that when I’m on PC, it won’t let me add products to my cart. No matter what I try at this point I can’t get the “membership pricing”. I’m sure its some kind of browser, cookie, or ad blocking setting, but it’s still annoying.

Quick update: I switched browsers and it let me add the item to my cart. I was able to get “member pricing”, however, the shipping on the website is more than the shipping cost on my app without “member pricing” so it cost me the same to buy it with “member pricing” on the website as it does without it on the app.

Very confusing and annoying.

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Ever find an answer to this? I just noticed for the solar panel its $3 higher then if I’m in a browser as well. But shipping is less. But if you’re in the browser, the cost of the item is $3 lower but shipping is then $3 higher. So either way both come out to the same total.

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