Mark Events In SD Card Playback

I think the issue is that the events are stored in the cloud, but the continuous timeline is stored on the SD card.

that doesn’t make it impossible, but it is probaby why it isn’t an inherent feature. If the event swere stored locally, it might be more obvious…but then you would also be wasting space on your SD card for double recordings.

So, the app would have to query the cloud to find out where events occured.

The other option would be to put an event tracking file on the SD card that keeps up with the time/date of events. The problem there is you’d have to come up with a smart way to purge that, knowing that the SD card has limited capacity and the event video won’t be on there forever. Your first iteration could be extremely simple and only keep the last 100 events, purging the oldest. Could be a “flat file” format that the app queries when it pulls videos on the “View Playback” screen.

I think that’s the way i would do it. Probably a much cheaper solution than extra queries to your “free” cloud service.

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Also, you can have a function where after the event has been played, you can click on a button “full video” so that it shows the start of the event in full playback mode.

When using motion recording with an SD card, I think it would be nice to display a list of recordings from the SD card similar to how the event clips are displayed. I don’t like having to scroll around on the timeline to find things. It would be nice to see a list of the events that could be clicked on and played just like the 12 second events.

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Yes. In addition, show us a timeline of motion activity even when the motion is below the threshold. If I get a motion alert when I set my motion threshold to 50 percent, I may want to see any motion at 40 percent before that. A visual line graph along the timeline above and below the trigger would be very helpful.

Please add a ‘search by time’ feature - e.g. between 3-4am. It would stop the app crashing after scrolling through so many vids and make it WAY easier to use the app (so I don’t have to keep scrolling for 10 mins before getting to the time I want), thanks!

@titaniumapple… You may want to hop over and vote for and/or comment on this one:

I second this request!

Buttons to skip 15 seconds back/forward would be really helpful. Maybe the way youTube does it by double-tapping left/right.

I tried to figure out when my trash truck came this morning by narrowing down between the before and after positions of my trash cans.

Any event that has camera playback should have a ‘link’ to the timestamp in the SD card playback a few seconds before the event happened. This would make it really easy to investigate camera footage close to the time that the event occurred.
Thanks for a great product :+1:

I think having a way to search for “person tags” within the playback menu. Maybe highlighting these as a raised section in the playback bar. This would be a great way to visually expect whats in frame.

This thread of ideas is making me very exited for the next major release. Though I know I must ramp down my expectations.

Yes pls! Put a ‘motion graph’ on the timeline while on playback so that ‘events’ are easier to find.

The thumbnails in the notification screen help me to filter out the events too. I’d like the Events screen, filtered by the specific camera, available under the view playback screen. and then be able to index into the playback by selecting the thumbnail.

Hi. There is some ability to filter by device. Is this helpful?

I’d like to have video records to SD 24x7, and turn on motion detection at the same time, so the timeline will highlight the period with motion in a different color.

To be specific, right now, if there is a recoding, a video is saves and shows up as a green bar on the timeline. I’d like to distinush if the recording contains motion, so it shows up as a red bar to disntiguish from recordings made due to schedule vs. motion.

The reason is that I don’t know if the motion detection is always working, so I want to check manually when the camera thinks there is no motion. I have 2 cameras pointing in the same direction where Wyze didn’t detect motion but another brand did (I have checked, and unrelated to cool down period).

you could always look through the events for the motion and then use that as a baseline for when motion was detected and where to look on the sd card. thats what many have done until they work in some kind of marker.


Hi all,

I think it would be a great idea to add indicators on the Playback bar to identify time periods Where sound or motion occurred so we can skip right to it. Maybe a sound/speaker symbol for sound detection and a running man for motion detections. That way when you scroll through playback you can scroll right to the parts where something occurred. This will eliminate scrolling through hours of video where nothing happened. Please let me know what you guys think!

No, because the clips arent long enough. I want to be able to index into a continuous recording by thumbnail

I just bought one v2 and one pan cam. I am really impressed with the performance of the camera in general. However the playback seemed very primitive and the lack of event markers pretty much render it useless. Apparently people have been asking it since Nov 18. Wyze need to really give importance to this feature. Continuous recording is a great feature, but the lack of event markers in playback depreciates the value of this feature completely.

Are there any plans to support it?


also what is the shaded green means?