Manually Change the IP address of Cam-Outdoor

I have a router extender and the base station is connected directly to the router and has an IP address of the extender. All the Cam-outdoor cameras conntect to the base station IP address. How can I change the IP address of the cameras?

I should have mentioned, this is a warehouse account with five cameras and is around 6000 sq. ft.

I don’t believe there is a way to change the ip addressed manually. The cameras will always connect to the base station and ip.

As I understand it, the Wyze Cam Outdoor (battery powered camera) only connects to it’s base station on it’s own subnet that has no relationship to the subnet used by the network (wired or WiFi) for the base station to connect to your LAN. Again, as I understand it, you have no control of the IP addresses used by the cameras themselves. I do remember a discussion a while back where the IP subnet used by the cameras happened to be the same as the subnet that the user was using for his normal LAN, and that caused routing problems in the base station (the base station which is acting as a router could not handle both interfaces being on the same subnet). As I recall, the resolution was to change the IP of that user’s home network.