Making squeaky wheel sound

one cam I have is making a squeaky wheel sound only during live stream. it’s not present on the SD card footage nor is it physically making this sound when I stand next to it.

I’ve attached and cropped the video from my app

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That sounds like a cam with some internal brain damage…

But… have you tried these troubleshooting steps?

  1. Insure that the cam is using the factory supplied 2 amp power supply and power cord shipped with the cam. Standard Wyze Power Supplies are usually 1 amp and long aftermarket cords can cause a voltage drop.

  2. Move the cam to a different location as far away from the original location as possible while still insuring a good connection w\the cam. Does the noise follow the cam? This is testing for any electronic freequency intereference in the original install location.

If neither of these alleviate the issue. I would suggest contacting Customer Support and requesting a Warranty Replacement.


not a power issue I tried another wyze 2A brick same thing. another time I will try location change.

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ok 2 more cams are having this problem now, so far thats 3/6

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That is now a trend rather than an anomaly.

I am the type that will test the snot out of them to see if I can figure it out. My next test would be to take it to a different location\network\power grid and install it there. If it does it there, box them up and get a Warranty Replacement from Customer Service.

If they don’t exhibit the same behavior during their brief trip abroad, then it is some type of electronic intereference in your immediate area or power system.

I will test another location eventually, but since SD card footage doesn’t have this extra noise only live mode I’m leaning towards a software fix.

What FW version is doing that?

latest version… 0.3210

My V3 Pro is also on and doesn’t have that. Just the standard white noise.