Cam v3 noise

Why is my new cam v3 making a constant recurring grinding noise when I listen to it on playback or live? I don’t hear the noise in the environment when I stand near the cam. It has to be coming from the camera itself. But why? And how do I fix it?

I’m mentioning this again in order to bump this topic. I saw some posts from over a year ago but haven’t found a solution. The noise is loud on the videos and highly annoying. It has to be an internal hardware problem. Am i alone in this problem?

Can you post the video here so we can see (hear) what you are talking about?

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Here ya go. Thanks. (The noise is greatly toned down in the recording compared to what I hear when listening live, but the constant rhythmic aspect of it can be heard in any case.)

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Interesting sound. Don’t have that particular experience on my cams. Do you have it on just one, or all?

Both cams. Same noise. Just saved this video on another cam on this completely still night. No breeze.

That’s not quite as bad as the original, so my question is, the second camera further from some interference source?

Can you temporarily move one camera inside for a quick test?

Same problem?

Are you hearing this sound on every playback event?

It’s clear the cameras are outdoors, but I can tell you the V3 camera I have mounted at my Front Door can record sounds (mumbles of conversations) during outdoor motion events coming from inside and from the opposite end of my hallway ( long open corridor that echoes about 60ft or so).

Is there anything inside that would be running at those hours? A fan, A dishwasher, critter digging under your porch :smiley: ?

There’s no correlation between the grinding sound and any other thing that could be making the noise. I have been listening to the cams during otherwise complete silence. Nothing inside. Nothing outside. No breeze. No clocks. Nothing. The noose happens constantly, rhythmically, endlessly regardless of time of day or any other factors.

I know it sounds unlikely. Common sense would seem to indicate that there’s an environmental cause. The fact that I’ve tried a range of different locations and conditions that rendered the exact same results is why I find it puzzling as well. But there doesn’t seem to be anything external causing the noise. I contend that the sound is coming from within the cam itself.

Since the cams transmit via wifi, is there any internal mechanism that could be causing the noise?

Nothing mechanical (some internal pics of a v3 from @carverofchoice) but I suppose you couldn’t rule out some electrical emissions/cross waves.

Do you have anything else connecting wireless with video and sound (not through your router or Internet) in your home like a baby monitor that has a base and some sort of receiver?


Good thought.

I have a Phillips Hue hub and about 10 smart led bulbs, motion detectors and dimmers that can communicate with it on demand. Is it possible that system does some sort of cyclical messaging between the hub and the Phillips Hue bulbs and accessories going on in the background constantly?

I guess i could try powering down the Phillips Hue hub as an experiment.

Oh and there’s about a half dozen wireless streaming devices in the house in addition to various mobile devices and smart tvs in the house. But that’s not what you’re referring to, I suppose.

Nope, just anything wireless that doesn’t use your Home Network.

Yea, if it isn’t an inconvenience, I’d give that a shot.

I powered off the Phillips Hue Hub. No change in the sound problem.

Powered off the cellular network extender/booster. No change.

My husband powered off his soldering irons. No change. (Lol. It was worth a try.)

I appreciate the link you provided to @carverofchoice’s interior pics and repair. I expect at some point one of my cams will lose its grip and hit the deck. I’ll keep thar reference in mind for the inevitable. Thanks


I am having the exact same problem. I listened to your video and mine makes the exact same noise. And i dont have any of those other devices you mentioned. Ive had my v3’s less than a month. They both make that same “scrubbing” sound and have done so since we installed them. This is my 2nd set of v3’s. Did not have these audio issues with the others. It most definitely IS the camera itself. Has to be. So -where do we go from here? I think the best option is for Wyze to send replacements. I submitted
email twice to support but no one has answered…

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I’m about ready to move on.

I’m looking at Eufy and Lorex wire-free systems. Both offer the functionality that Cam Plus provides WITHOUT the need or cost of subscriptions. Plus, the local storage on the Eufy is inside the house, not outside in the camera where a stolen/lost camera also means you lost the content on the SD card.

Yeah, those companies are a little more costly up front, but when you consider the hassle, subscription costs and lack of reliable support with Wyze, is Wyse really cheaper?

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Same exact issue here. Just recorded it from both cameras and have sent it in to Support team. Hopefully they will have an answer. The video is crystal clear, but the noise is very annoying.

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