Makeshift pond fun

These guys play here daily. At night it’s a whole different set of “pets”. Everyone seems to stop by at their different times (Fox, coyote, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, opossums, hawk, even a few cats ( from I believe at least a mile away) and last but not least PhatSo Bob the groundhog. They have made do with the only pond for many miles. We’re clearing about another 20 feet back of invasive trees to make them a better habitat ( sounds counterproductive when I say it out loud ) then the 1.5 acre 12 ft deep pond and an aeration system will be properly built with clover bank plantings and native shrubs.


Your video did not upload and since it is a .mov file it won’t work here anyway. Change it to a .mp4 file and try again. :upside_down_face:

Will do,
That’s funny, it came direct from v3-pro cam

I tried, keeps getting the file too be ( even 3 seconds of video ) too much hassle.

Did you manually record it with the app on your iOS device from either live or SD playback? = .mov file.
If you download an event file from the V3 Pro it will be a .mp4 file
File size for upload to WYZE forum is 5 MB plus maybe a little more.

@ourmessages I am sending you a direct message on this forum so you can email me the file.

It’s an event from the v3-pro. 20 seconds. I trimmed it. I just ran it through a compression file and after squeezing it to 2mb it finally uploaded. I think

It did work, my favorite snack- Deer :rofl:

We’ve got 2 larger bucks that occupy opposite ends of the land and don’t hang with this group that will get harvested this winter.
The Turkeys had at least 28 hatch this year and from my (attempted) counts it appears 19 have made it to 3 months. I didn’t find the nest in time to put hatch cams close, but next year it will be a goal.
Once the pond is established, we’ll put in fish and then some bat houses around it.
The cameras all feed into an Omada Mesh with the APs on solar and a t-mobile home internet mounted in a plastic box on a temp power pole.
Real happy with the reliability so far.

The friendly Turkey at the golf course I play at had 10 chicks this year and four survive the hawks and the Red foxes. When she left last week the young ones were almost as big as her, probably me hand feeding them cracked corn three or four days a week helped. Last year she had 12 and a Fox got 9 of them in the span of 15 minutes right in front of us. Mom is a smart Turkey that has been coming every year for the last 4-5 years. She can spot me more than 100 yards away and knows I am the snack guy.

Thérèsia Turkey and 4 of her chick earlier this year have a snack provided by me.


If they survive the first 4 weeks, they are usually out of the predator danger zone and can roost at night. They grow super fast. I like them around, they eat lots of bugs and invasive seeds. Pest and weed control for free.

That is fun! Thanks for sharing.

Need to see the :raccoon: :raccoon:'s washing their paws. Better there than in their water bowls I have to clean the mud out of every morning at my critter freeway.