Make night vision filter click silent or at least quieter

Instead of manually switching night vision on/off to avoid the clicking sound provide the auto night vision option to have no clicking sound. Can interfere with child sleeping when used as a baby monitor.

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“Mike night vision filter click silent or at least quieter”
Didn’t you mean Make?

Thank you for the feedback!

Listening to it click back and forth constantly in certain available light situations is very annoying. This had to have been noticed during the research and development process of these cameras. If this slipped by one could only imagine what else slipped by.

If yours clicks back and forth CONSTANTLY file a support ticket. Mine normally click back and forth several times then as the light reaches higher or lower levels they stop clicking. During the summer there was one upgrade that had my one of my cams clicking like a castanet, but that was quickly fixed with another FW upgrade.

Yeah, this definitely isn’t possible. You could put it on a wishlist for the V3 camera, and maybe they could implement a harware solution whenever they make a new version of the camera, but it’s caused by hardware, so it’s not a sound they can “turn off.”

Might this be a good item to be merged with this topic?

I think so, since it’s definitely a no-go for the V2 camera.

Thanks Gemini. The ambient light is artificial and the room illumination is constant. The sun and shadows play no part. I just turned the camera towards the light to stop it from clicking thru its threshold setting. Angle of view is not optimal but at least its quiet.

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I’ve had other cams that do this too. That said it is annoying and depending on the lighting conditions, they can click a few times in a short time frame. It would be nice if they can find a way to dampen the mechanical noise because it does draw attention to it

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