Silence the infrared (IR) cut filter "click!" sound in video/audio stream

I have lots of security cameras and they all make a click sound when the IR cut filter switches on or off. The Wyze Cam records and streams audio, which is great, but the “Click!” of the filter comes through the audio. When I use the camera as a baby monitor on a partly cloudy afternoon with the shades drawn, it’s just the perfect light level for the camera to switch back and forth between day and night mode with every passing cloud. If I’m trying to take a nap in another room at the same time as my child, the “click!” sound wakes me up.

This would be super easy to filter out of the live stream feed. If the camera hardware knows when it switches between day and night mode, the camera could just mute the microphone during the instant when the filter clicks. Alternatively, you could filter the sound out of the audio in the App. In future versions of the camera hardware you could use a silent IR cut filter.

Sounds possible. In the mean time, how about manually setting the night mode either on or off?

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I spoke with the team and it is unlikely that we’ll be able to remove the mechanical click from the recordings. But we’ll keep an eye on this thread and for opportunities for it.

Is it possible to make an upgrade - mechanical - to soften the sound for the IR cut filter.
Its quite loud as I live in the quiet country!

Hey Wyze Cam Technical Support and Fans,

I like to enquiry, when the Camera detected the difference light, said from dark to bright, the device have the ‘tick’ sound might look like change the camera brightness. Is it have the option to mute it?

Thank you.