Make a recording of a camera group feed?

I bought a Wyze Cam 2 to group with my Wyze Cam Pan 2. I made a group of them. Now I need to know how to record the feed showing both cameras. Advice?

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You don’t record the group; you record the individual cameras.

Both of those cameras (V2 fixed and Pam Cam V2) allow the insertion of a micro SD card to record what the camera sees. To get a continual recording, insert the card and then go to the camera’s Advanced settings and turn on “Record to MicroSD card”, Continuous.

Then you access the SD card’s recordings from the ‘Playback’ button under the live feed, or from the Playback SD card icon on an Event clip.

Depending on the card size and camera resolution you can get multiple days of recording. Then it records over the oldest footage. With a 32 GB card as an example you can get 2-8 days of continuous recording of what the camera sees. Larger cards record more.

You can extract clips from the card using the Playback buttons, or take the card to a computer to view the footage.


I think the only way you can record the group is to be watching the group on your phone and use a screen capture program on the phone to record the entire screen.

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