Magnetic base on wyze cam pan

Currently wyze cam v2 has a magnetic base so it automatically sticks to some metal surfaces even without the included plate. Would be nice if wyze cam pan also had a magnetic base.

It’s already available as part of the Pan mounting kit accessory:

If you want to attach it to some existing metal surface, you would just not use the wall bracket part of the kit.


It would be nice to have a magnetic base built into the wyze pan though. Maybe that’s what he is asking for? I thought it would be built in when I bought mine too.

Yes that’s what I meant the base is already magnetic on the Wyze Cam v2, so why not on the pan?

Possibly because it resets itself often, for who knows what reason, and rotates lock to lock afterwards and the wyze people would rather have a mechanical fastener (a screw) in comparison to a magnetic mount to hold it still. That’s my take, at least.

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I found a camera tripod and mounted it to that.

Hello jLeung

Here is a way to provide a clean, simple and strong magnetic base for a WYZE Pan Cam that uses a 2” ø Cup Magnet. There is a small hole in the cup that needs to be drilled out to 1/4" ø.

The 1/4"x20 screw that would be used to connect the cup magnet to the camera would need to cut down in length to fit properly into the receiving hole of the camera. It could also be shimmed to fit with fender washers.

The metal shavings clinging to the cup from drilling out the hole to a 1/4" ø can be removed with the sticky part of tape.

Although the cup magnet is much stronger than the V2 magnet it is mostly shielded by the cup part. Very little magnetic field escapes the cup.

The pictures provide more detail.

Victor Maletic

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Just my guess… the base of the pan could not accommodate a sufficiently large magnet give that it also has to pass the power wires from the micro-USB socket to the camera. Therefore, any magnet would have to go below the existing base, and that’s exactly what they provide with the mounting kit.

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just wondering: is this the way you used on your wyze camera pan. ?? does the very strong magnetic base affect the current /. voltage of the camera you’re using, please let me know thanks.

It causes “ghost voices” to be heard … don’t believe it - just search for numerous threads in here …

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This is essentially the same as the Wyze-supplied Pan Cam Mounting Kit. So no, it will not affect the operation of the camera.

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Hello richard-2007
I would go with Loki’s response. Just to see for myself, l moved a strong magnet around a pancam while viewing it’s video feed with the Wyze app. There was no apparent effect.

You may want to try it yourself.

thanks, because I just bought the big magnet, try to do the way that victor did, but, hasn’t set it up yet.

thanks, bought a big magnet, try to do the way that victor suggested, haven’t tried it out yet.

thanks, victor, I did the way you suggested, went to buy a big magnet as you pictured, haven’t set it up yet, that’s why I asked for your experience.

One thing I want to clarify: the discussion here is about a magnet placed on the bottom of the Pan Cam. That should be okay. However, be aware that a strong magnet near the top/sides of the camera can cause the mechanical IR filter mechanism to move or stick. Is should return to normal once the magnet is removed.