Made to pay more for person detection if you purchased any cams after a certain date even if you've already had it all along?

No person detection included for my v3 even though I’ve been ‘paying my own price’ for months on my other 2 cams, because I purchased your new product after a certain date? So in other words I’m expected to pay $1.99 per device now, even though I’ve been paying the PYOP since that first came out months ago? It should be $1.99 per device for anyone completely new to it. Not loyal customers that have already been paying you for person detection on already existing devices. Seriously?? I expected better from Wyze.

The PYOP plan was only offered for devices that existed at the time they made the promise. The v3 did not exist at that time and therefore is not included. They have said this from the beginning


On the other hand any new V2s and Pan Cams you add WILL be covered.