Low outdoor temperature

When the outdoor temperature goes below -10c my doorbell and spotlight camera don’t work. Do anyone got the same problem?

Could you give us a few more details on what is not working? Is the doorbell not streaming, and the spotlight not turning on? What doorbell model and what spotlight do you have? Is it a v3 with spotlight accessory?

Yes it’s v3 the spotlight is working and the only info i have for the door bell is wyze doorbell. The devices are simply offline and they come back online as soon as the outdoor temperature goes above -8c

I occasionally have temps below -10°C (14°F) and so far I haven’t had issues on V3’s…

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I would check the connections and available voltage at the doorbell. You might have an internal issue but let’s check the basics first. Don’t just look at the connections. Loosen the screws and tighten them back up.

If that doesn’t correct the issue, measure the voltage at the doorbell. My Wyze doorbell v1 is powered by this transformer

It could be a solder joint opening up in the extreme cold, but that is usually a manufacturing defect, and more people would be complaining about this.

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