LOUD Notification Tones

I purchased a camera to be a theft prevention motion detection device.

The notification sounds provided in the app are weak. I need a tone that is LOUD that will wake me up at 2 am when a burglar is present.

Can we get LOUD notification tones for the app please?

On Android you can change the notification sounds in the phone, it is not changed in the app.

On my phone I click through several layers to get to it, but you start with the notification when it happens.

Click on Setting Gear for WyzeMessage

Click on WyzeMessage

Click on Sound

Select the Notification Sound you want hear…

You can even add notifications sounds to the library from ones you created or downloaded if supplied tones don’t work for you

Android 14 on a Pixel 6 Pro, other phones may have slightly different method


Excellent. Thank you!!!

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @peakcomp206! :raising_hand_man:

In addition to assigning a unique notification tone to the Wyze App in the Android OS Settings, note that your phone’s volume and state are also important. Wyze can’t affect those. If you use DND or have the volume reduced or on Vibrate, it will affect the delivery of the loud notification tone you are looking for.

You may also think about using a 3rd Party App like MacroDroid to automatically turn your phone to full volume, bypass DND, disable vibrate, and play a unique notification tone for each individual Cam and type of notification (person, pet, vehicle, etc.) when those Push Notifications are received.

Thanks! I do haven’t volume correct. I just needed a louder tone. I got it all good now! :+1:

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