Lost Live Feed after rebooting Wi-Fi router

I had to reboot my Wi-Fi router and after that my Wyze v3 refuses to connect. I still get notifications which is weird on itself, but I can’t view Live Feed. Also, it refuses to recognize the SD card (that I have set to record continuously. This camera is a joke. It is advertised a security camera, but loosing connection or inability to record continuously makes it useless.

Come on Wyze, get your s@#t together.

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @habib !

Do you still have connections to websites? When I say that, I mean on devices that use WiFi (not a cable) and don’t have cellular, like a laptop or tablet. What was the reason you initially rebooted your router?

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Yes I do. Nothing is wrong with my Wi-Fi. All the devices show up in my router. The only issue is Wyzev3. It will send me notification every time someone os something gets in front of the camera, but I cannot view live stream. It tells me that the camera is disconnected and I have to power it down and reboot the Wyze app. Nothing makes sense as I can access the event videos on the clod but not on my SD card. Also, can’t view live stream, the Wyze app keeps on cycling on connecting…

The reason I rebooted my router was to refresh the connection to another device, not related to Wyze.

Try one of these things to see if it corrects it:

  1. Log out of the app by starting the app, going to Account, scroll to the bottom and click sign-out. This has corrected issues with offline camera’s.


  1. Take a v3, remove the power from it, wait for about a minute, then plug the power back in. This has corrected camera’s offline, but also forces the camera’s to reboot and establish communications again.
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I tried both of your steps before and I tried them agin. It didn’t work.

In this day and age, nothing (related to electronics) should be this complicated unless you are trying to remotely and unlawfully try to launch nuclear warheads.

This is a simple security camera and it should behave like that. You loose power, everything should connect back after the power has been restored. No one needs a degree in brain surgery. Not to mention that if you are physically far away from the camera and can’t remotely power it down, you’re dead in the water.

To anyone who is reading this post, stay away from this so called security cameras. There is nothing secure about them. They are cheap pieces of garbage and they should stay away from consummer’s reach.

This concerns me that other devices are also having trouble with connections.

I never said that other devices were having an issue connecting to the router. I was getting some refresh issues with a streaming service that I thought it will get fixed if I rebooted the router. That wasn’t an issue however.

Are you telling me that I’m never supposed to reboot my router? What if there is a power outage? What happens then to Wyzev3?

My opinion, it will be dead in the water.

Wyze, as a company of this magnitude, should clean up their act and supply the consumers with a reliable product and service. If raising their price warrants that, so be it. Consumers will make the choice and pick a cheap and crappy product, or pricy and rock solid.

Just a thought.

You should probably contact Wyze customer support for an further action. This is a user-to-user forum and not a support site for Wyze. Wyze has a presence here, but not the support arm of Wyze.

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Wyze. Their phone number is (206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.

They’re open for support between 4 am-8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturday.

I’m very well aware of that and I appreciate the direction you’ve supplied. The reason I came to this forum is because Wyze support was useless, they could not fix the problem, never mind get back to me in over two weeks.

I was hopping that user commeradery will prevail here and someone will have similar issue as mine. Judging by Amazon reviews, lot’s of people are having an issue after router reboot/change for newer one, so I came to a user forum for advise.

Looks like, you tried to help and when you were unable to, shunned me to manufacturer’s support. We all know how good that is with miriam of products out there.

I truly appreciate your input, but I will stick around and see if someone wiser (with Wyzev3) than you chimes in.

If not, I’ll take my fight elsewhere.