Lost connection with Cam Outdoor

I have had a Cam outdoor for at least 9 months without problem. Now it will not connect to the base station. I have moved it close to the base station (3 Ft.) and still no connection. I also deleted the base station and then added it. This also did not work. Is there some kind of reset for the base station and cam outdoor? I have two cam outdoors and would like to connect, but neither one connects now. Can anyone help me?

My Base and 4 cams went off line yesterday. I disconnected power and ethernet, plugged back in and got a solid blue light on the base. Then I had to go manually turn the cams off and on again and got everything working again. There is a sort of a reset. It is the small hole just above left of the USB port on the left side of the base. Stick the end of a paper clip in it and press. It does not do a full factory reset.