Lost a V2 on person detection (pilot)

Hoping someone can help as Wyze support chat did nothing. I have several V2 cams on the Person Detection (pilot) plan because I’ve been with Wyze a while and also have some V3’s on cam plus. While adjusting the view of one of the V2’s I inadvertently pressed the setup button. I tried everything to get it out of setup mode, nothing worked. So, I simply added it back again through the setup process. After this it removed the cam from the person detection (pilot) list and put it over in the cam plus section as a free trial. Had a chat with support…but I don’t think they even comprehended what I was saying. How or is there even a way to get it back under my Person Detection (pilot) list and off of cam plus trial list ??

Two options:

  1. wait until the cam plus trial ends…or:
  2. just remove the cam plus license off of it.

Either way it should automatically revert back to giving you the legacy person Detection again as soon as the cam plus trial is off the cam. This is normal. It’s happened to me dozens of times when I was switching Cam Plus on and off different cameras.

Is personally suggest enjoying the free Cam Plus for 2 weeks with unlimited cloud and no cooldown, then as soon as it’s done it should automatically switch to legacy person Detection with the 12 seconds limit and 5 minute cooldown again. But you can switch it right away if you want. Just remove it from Cam Plus first (go to account and services then remove Cam Plus)

If removing Cam Plus doesn’t automatically switch it back to legacy person Detection, once you’ve removed Cam Plus, just go back to account - services and add it back into the cam. It will be an option again.


That worked !!! Why didnt wyze support chat tell me to do that !!! After an hour on the phone !! Thank you so much!!!


Probably wanted to sell another CamPlus license. :smiley:

Just a note, the Cam Plus trial would have given you longer cloud captures with no cooldown and some other AI recognitions until it ran out and you reverted to back the more limited V2 program. So a temporary enhancement.

But on the other hand, you now have a Cam Plus trial license that you can assign to any other camera! It isn’t automatically renewed, it just expires after 2 weeks. So for 2 weeks you have a new toy. :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome. I’m glad it helped you in the way you wanted.

Most Wyze customer support reps truly mean well, but a lot of them don’t know the products as well as the forum members here. they were hired to do a job, often with no experience with the products and when they get a question they run a search and read a standard troubleshooting script. They just don’t know and are doing the best they can with the resources they have available despite often not having a lot of experience with each of the products.

If it makes you feel any better, Wyze just raised $110 Million in new funding last month, and the founders have promised to devote a bunch of that into things including improved Customer service, so it should hopefully be getting better.

For myself, for things like your problem, I’ll often consult the community here first. If it’s something I know the community can’t help with (ie: I need a replacement or there is an ordering issue or something like that) then I go to support first. Support is REALLY good at certain things, but our forum mods and mavens and community members here are the best at knowledge and answering questions about how to do something. You did the smart thing asking a knowledge sort of question here. :+1: If I hadn’t answered you first, guaranteed one of the other mavens/mods or members would’ve told you the same thing, so you would’ve gotten it resolved for sure.


Case in point, Wyze support needs refresher training…