Loss of functionality with features for wyze bulb in schedules

Has anyone seen a loss of functionality with the latest build for the bulbs? My schedules use to have actions with turning lights on, setting the color, and the brightness. I used this as a dummy sunrise alarm clock. Now all of them have reverted to just turn lights on with loss of control of the color and brightness.

Is this intended functionality or is this a bug?

My app firmware is v2.5.28

**EDIT: To clarify, it looks like the actions to adjust temperature and brightness have been removed from the scheduling feature for bulb that were present before. I’m not sure if this was intended or not.

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This last app update has made a wreck out of the schedules under the new “Rules”. You can’t label the schedules or put them in order. It’s like a scrambled mess.

“Customizations” sounds better and less confusing to me than “Rules”. Nobody likes the new app update. :roll_eyes:


I just found that thread and see that Wyze appears to have made a decision for the community that no one asked for. Seems like some pretty bad change management with that decision to remove functionality that a large number of users liked and were using.