Lose connection to camera on regular intervals

Can you help?

We have 4 cameras set up around our house supported by the late’s google nest Wi-Fi and the cameras lose connection on a regular interval.

They restore connection after power cycle. Any suggestions what I can do to stop this happening?

All software and firmware update

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Griffiths415!

There have been many discussions here in the forum about cams loosing connections. I have found that (1) Wyze cams prefer a very robust network; and (2) not all routers, even mesh routers, treat IoT IP cams the same way.

Some things other users have done to try to fortify their network connection w\ their cams:

  • Upgrade to a multi-node Mesh system with very strong signal
  • Disable QOS on their Router
  • Use Rules to schedule a daily (or more often) cam restart
  • Use Smart Plugs with built in schedules or Alexa Routine compatibility to power cycle cams on a regular basis.