Looking for smaller camera for wildlife, etc

I like the Outdoor camera with the battery, but find it is too big for birdhouses, etc. I need the battery (and solar panel) since I have no electricity where I need to place some of them. Is there a camera where the battery is not attached? Or can we remove some of the bulky exterior housing?

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The only battery operated Cam option from Wyze is the Wyze Cam Outdoor. All others require constant power from the plug-in power adapter. Wyze also does not offer any type of external battery bank to power their plug-in cams.

I bought a solar powered battery bank, but it cannot charge fast enough for the V3, so now I have the Wyze solar panel to help charge it. I just wish it was smaller inside the birdhouse, since birds can be picky about the size of the home.

The V3 is about as small as it gets.

You may want to check out posts and topics by @TomG. Very active with birdhouse cams.

I would also consider mounting that battery pack with the female ports pointing downward so that water doesn’t pool on it and slip inside there.