Looking for a 3D print file for a ceiling inside corner mounting bracket

I am wondering if anyone has seen a 3D print file for ceiling inside corner mount for a Wyze camera. This would be a three cornered bracket that mounts at ceiling in the corner of the room with the camera fully concealed behind the bracket. So a three cornered affair with a hole for the lens to peek out.

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Hello. zarthan.
This is not a printed corner bracket but is quicker to build than printing and far stronger than plastic. Further more it is possible the power cord could be hidden by running it through a small hole in an interior wall to a power source on the other side. Also a an equal lateral triangular cover panel. with a hole for the camera lens could be placed over the camera. Look up:
“Interior wall mounting bracket for V2 cameras. Simple, Compact, Elegant”.

Thanks. I actually ended up buying some of the readily available corner brackets and then cutting some white PVC board to fit up into corner. Simply drilled a hole large enough to fit the lens. About 5 minutes to make the PVC covers and it makes the cameras hard to get at and they almost blend in to the walls

Would you provide a picture of it?

I will as soon as I get back to the site.