Looking for 3D file or design on the latest V3 Camera as a detergent for THEFT

Dear Community

I have recently purchased the V3 Wyze Cam
I bought these cameras merely as a appreciation for the Wyze Comany Ethos and what they doing for the community

I live in a third- world country ( South Africa) and mounting the Cam outdoors as a detergent. I would like to know if anyone as a design file (3D printing) or thought about anti- theft bracket/case that goes around the camera, leaving “vents” for the siren. This can be bolted to the wall and of course an opening for the lens

Please let me know where I can find such design so I can print it.
Thanks a lot!

Take care

Welcome to the wyze community @linuxxx82!
I don’t know of any files for the Wyze cameras, but here’s one that look pretty good:

Detergent is soap. :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume you got autocorrected.

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I suspect English is not his native language. Also, I think he’s looking for a 3d-printed enclosure for a v3…that’s the way I took it anyway.

It’s weird. I live in a major city in a first world country and don’t even know anyone with a 3D printer. :slight_smile:

Not sure of the logic on this - does a plastic enclosure really deter theft and is it worth it for a $20 camera - but I’m sure someone will produce one before long. Sorry I don’t know of any links.

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South Africa is considered third world but they have everything that a first world Country would have. Johannesburg is a huge city with everything you would find in most North American cities, huge malls and lots of poverty.

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