Long-Run USB Power Cords ๐Ÿ”Œ

Interesting information for anyone who may understand it, which I coincidentally happen to. Just not data for a Wyze Power Adapter as claimed โ€“ which hardly requires a 752.7KB document when this pretty much covers it!


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I am using PoE with a 25โ€™ Cat-6 cable. Once it starts panning or tracking I lose WiFi and need to reboot the camera. Link below are the products I bought. @Newshound, thanks for the incredible post. Do you have any comments on why the PoE solution doesnโ€™t work?

A few comments to Wyze.

  1. if it is only a matter of the power adapter, why doesnโ€™t Wyze offer a more powerful adapter? The cable provided is fairly short to be a useful outdoor, wired camera. Looking at the forum, there seems to be A LOT of people with this issue.
  2. Even after the wifi goes out the camera is still powered and the camera is still tracking/panning, the wifi will not come back without a power on/off cycle. Canโ€™t the software recover?

SNLLMZI USB to cat5 Adapter

Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet

I will test my PoE setup later today. However, it could be your PoE injector not providing enough power.

@spamoni4 Thanks, you might be right.
I can get it to fail pretty easy just by setting waypoints, but even if I get them set, after a few pans, it dies out.
I just ordered the below item which I am hoping will give enough power. Iโ€™ll get back when I test it out.

iCreatin 2-Pack Wall PoE Injector Power Over Ethernet Adapter

Those should work. I actually ran home runs to the locations I want the Cameras and then added a single PoE switch to power them.

This is what I use:

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE+ Switch (GS308PP) - with 8 x PoE+ @ 83W, Desktop or Wall Mount (amazon.com)

And my splitters are these:

UCTRONICS PoE Splitter Gigabit 5V - Micro USB Power and Ethernet to Raspberry Pi 3B+, Work with Echo Dot, Most Micro USB Security Camera and Tablet - IEEE 802.3af Compliant (amazon.com)

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The problem with your set up with the V3 Pan cam is that the camera has a angled USB connection which is required if you want the camera to be able to pan, otherwise a straight micro usb connector will block the rotation. Instead with the two PoE to USB adapters that I use, I can plug the Wyze supplied cable into the PoE adapter. But as you mention, my problem might be with the injector.

I realize that. I will be fine, I will be able to test and see if it works.

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