Log files available for V3?

I have a V3 at a remote location. When it works, it’s great.
Sometimes it goes offline, and then mysteriously it will come back by itself the next day.

I suspect the wireless is flaky, but don’t really know for sure.

Reading the forum indicates there are logs… how do I access them that would indicate the cause of going offline?


Usually if it goes on and off its due to network. Is it in good range of the router? And whats the WiFi speed up and down? Is the router going offline? Are you aware of the device limit on your router?

You can submit a log that is sent to Wyze if they ask for one, but currently you cannot view them yourself.

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Thanks IEatBeans, like I said I suspect the wireless - probably the router going down and then up again.
It’s in close range, speed is good, no other devices on the router.

Probably a Rogers issue.

So there’s no way for me to do diagnostics remotely.

I guess I’ll have to wait until I go to the location and check the router logs.

Thanks again.