Lock failed

I wish my lock could be fixed, or that I could get any kind of response from Wyze. The lock failed 10 days ago – initially I thought it was due to “low battery”. Replaced the batteries, but the lock still was difficult to turn and made a whirring sound when turning. An hour after replacing the batteries a second time, the lock indicated calibration was necessary. Tried calibrating, but got a message saying that batteries were too low to calibrate! Wyze website support will not allow any new tickets.

The site wont allow you to submit a Support ticket? That’s odd.

I believe they have been overwhelmed of late. I can understand a message warning of significant delays in responding but to actually stop taking support calls is not really understandable nor is it in any way acceptable.

Any company I have ever worked for would fire anyone that thought that was a valid response to a crisis.

Yes, I’ve submitted several logs with descriptions of the problem via the Wyze app, but have received no response.

If you have a support ticket number, please post it here and I’ll see if I can get a Wyze team member to look into it.

If you can’t make a support request on the website, is it because you are seeing this?

If so, click the X and you should be able to submit.

Yes, that’s correct.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for the tip – clicking the X instead of “Close” did the trick.

Next time I will click on everything before giving up.

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I’m having the same issue. Got “batteries are running low…” message and the battery was at “0%” and the lock would not work (which was strange as I had never seen the battery low message before). Tried 3 sets of new batteries but with each set the battery level was still at 0% and too low to calibrate. Few hours later the lock registered the batteries as fully charged but now after 5 attempts I’m getting the “Calibration Failed” error.

This is how mine started a couple days ago. warnings that the battery was low, then the lock jammed. New batteries left it showing 13 percent. It then wanted calibration but could not due to low batteries. 3 new sets tried and I finally removed the lock and eventually the gateway. Started from scratch, eventually took the lock fully apart and back together as it would not complete calibration. I’ve tried the motor orientation in two positions, putting it back to the original. lock during calibrations gets past the final close and manually locks, then sometimes opens once and stalls, sometimes opens and closes 4 times then stalls, but always stalls out right after the final manual close step. Not liking how similar issues end in lock replacement and I’ve had mine since the preorder I think, and now this started. Gonna dig some more, hoping one of these threads has a solution involved. I’ve loved having this lock up till now.