Lock Bolt - Need greater than IPX5 weather resistance rating

During my second and final warranty claim on a Wyze lock bolt, I was asked by support to make a post here. I live in Canada where we see lots of temperature fluctuations and snow. Because Wyze doesn’t use a fully sealed keypad backing plate, the keypads get moisture in them and water pools on the bottom of the circuit board causing the lock and unlock buttons to die. The moisture comes from both temperature fluctuations, and snow building up on top of the lock. Even after brushing the snow off the lock multiple times a day the second one still failed. The rest of the lock functions fine except the lock and unlock buttons (suspect circuit is right on the bottom of the board). Fellow Canadians take note, this product is not for you. A fully sealed keypad should solve this issue. Guess I’m shopping for another brand of lock.

Thanks for the info.

Mine is still working fine. I may add a small transparent sealing line around it (top and sides) to minimize infiltration risks.

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Have the same issues here in Saskatchewan three Wyze deadbolt locks dead within 3 months…

From keypads drying themselves to locks freezing from snow.