Lock Bolt - Automatic unlock via proximity

One of the descriptions I read on this product says that the Lock Bolt will auto-unlock as you get within close proximity to the exterior keypad, based on Bluetooth settings.

However, I am unable to find a setting to modify this behavior. My only thought is that this feature was removed due to the unintended unlocking while inside the home.

If this is the case, adding a comment in the app where the setting should reside would be nice. If this was removed by mistake I would like the option of turning it on. I have one location that this would be extremely useful.

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Lock Bolt has no automatic unlock feature of any kind. It is technically possible for a Bluetooth-only lock to unlock via proximity, but the current Lock Bolt design may not support this as an easy enhancement, if at all.

Allow geofencing to Auto Unlock the bolt via the doorbell integration.