Will SmartLock Auto Unlock when i walk by and am Inside the house

I like the auto unlock feature, but is it smart enough to only unlock when I am Outside the house and not when I am inside and walk up to the door to see who is outside?
I would not want the door to unlock if someone rings the bell and I go to see who is there then they can just walk in while I am standing there.

This was asked in the Facebook area and an employee responded that it looks at 2 things to unlock, you have to enter a geofence area and then your phone would have to connect to the lock. So if you are in your house you are already in the geofenced area and not entering it, therefore the door will stay locked.


That makes sense, thanks. Do we know how big the geofenced area is?

@TnIan Welcome to the community! The geofencing range is roughly the size of one city block. If Auto-Unlock is triggered but the door is never opened, the door will re-lock itself after 10 minutes.

If this has been changed @WyzeJasonJ can correct me on this.

Depends on what you consider a city block, I cant access mine right since I am not at home but roughly mine enters the geofence when I am about 3 houses away, so guessing maybe 750 ft radius, but that is just a guess. I will look at the map when i get home

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To put it precisely, it’s big :joy:

In all honesty, you shouldn’t need to worry about it triggering the auto unlock while you’re home if everything is set up properly.

'Preciate the info. I probably won’t be using auto-unlock, in that case. Not ideal to have the door in my apartment building unlock when I’m still a block away on my walk home from work.

It won’t unlock simply by entering the geofenced area, your phone also has to connect to it via Bluetooth once you’ve entered the geofenced area.

The door won’t auto-unlock until both criteria are met.

Oh, right, gotcha. I was thinking of my Arlo cameras disarming when I’m a block or two away.

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This being the case it seems the geofenced area could be smaller. If I walk two doors down to get the mail and exceed the time set to lock the door AND forget my phone and AND forget my KEY but AM wearing my band that might have (it’s on my wish list) an “Unlock Door” shortcut…
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