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I have the same issue where location based rules do not work. “Turn Wyze lights on when entering an area.”. My work around is to use IFTTT which works flawlessly.

Location triggers have not been working for me for a few months. I’ve submitted logs, I’ve contacted support, provided them with screenshots of everything they’ve asked. They’re even sending me a new Thermostat. I don’t believe much is wrong with my Thermostat.
That, alone, has convinced me that Wyze has no intention of fixing the location trigger issue. They’re going to waste their resources sending replacement devices instead of fixing the actual problem.

I have not had an issue until today. When I leave home I have the app turn on motion events on my cameras. I reset the app before I go to make sure it’s loaded and refreshed, but today it did not trigger Rule to do this based on when I leave an area. Upon arriving home I also a have a rule that turns off motion detection and that also didn’t trigger. This has been flawless for over a year and now it just won’t work out of the blue. I don’t get it and support is of no help.

Frustrating isn’t it? The trigger will work perfect for weeks or months and then for reasons that no one understand it will not work properly. Suddenly it will then start working again. Maybe it the phone, maybe its Wyze or maybe its something else.

I have just accepted its sometime unreliable and I put a short cut on the app so I can turn things on and off manually when necessary.

Good luck and don’t stress about it too much cause it won’t help.

I gave up on the native feature and just switched over to IFTTT for the location triggers and it works every time

Does the upgraded IFTTT account control the Wyze thermostat? I use location (or used to) triggers to set the Wyze thermostat to “home” or “away” and it hasn’t worked in months.
I set up IFTTT and it turns my cameras on and off without issue. I just haven’t seen a way to control the thermostat.

I’m not sure if the Wyze Thermostat has actions within a premium IFTTT account, but we know it doesn’t within the basic account.

There is a way around this though if you have extra Wyze plugs. IFTTT can trigger the plugs on and the plugs can trigger the Thermostat to change state in Wyze Rules. You can also use the plug trigger rules to turn your cams on and off. That way you don’t max out your 5 applet restriction in IFTTT.

If you are looking to only have the rules for Home and Away, you only need one plug. On=Away & Cams On, Off=Home & Cams Off.

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I started out on IFTTT and had the same reliability problems. Then IFTTT ended the free account and paying didn’t make it work any more reliably so I went to the builtin location trigger in the Wyze app. It doesn’t work that great either but at least there is no additional charge

I still have a free account w\ a 5 applet limit and it still executes my applets.

This workaround was exactly was I came here to find. Thank you. It works!

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Glad it helped! You’re welcome! :grin:

I set up my first Wyze rule today, which happened to be a location trigger. FAIL :frowning_face: First thing I checked was to make sure the lamp switch was on! :grin: It was! I removed the rule & recreated it, but, it still doesn’t work! Here’s a couple of screen shots with the specs. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll just have to let it go & delete it! :disappointed: Any advice that doesn’t involve smashing or throwing things? Thanks!

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Hey James!

Nice to see a local user here! I have accounts I service in your neck of the woods and run Jordan every couple weeks.

As you can read above, many users have had some issues with the location triggers being reliable. I don’t use them for a couple reasons. But, make sure you have Permissions set for the Wyze app to be allowed to access your location in the OS settings and that the location services are running.

Is there any history of the rule executing or failing in the Rules History?

From your screenshot though, it appears that you have some redundant actions. You have instructed the rule to both “Turn On” and “Turn On for 5 Minutes”. I don’t think this makes any difference since the plug didn’t click on, but I’m also not sure which action would win the competition between the two.

Thanks for the help & quick reply! The only Jordan I’m familiar with is Lake Jordan, so, I searched on Google maps & it appears that Jordan is a little over 90 miles east from us! We’re almost “smack dab” in the middle of NC.

I checked my Wyze permissions & it’s set for location, microphone & nearby devices. The location is set to: allow all the time.

I checked my Rules history & the rule isn’t showing up. On a positive note, my second rule attempt is working great, but, its a device trigger. I set up my backyard cam to turn on a rear bedroom lamp, when a person is detected. I set it to trigger sundown to sunup & it passed my tests with no problems. Like you mentioned, it appears that the location triggers are what most users are experiencing problems with.

As far as the redundant “Turn On”, Turn On for 5 Minutes" goes, I guess that was just my curiosity to see if it would turn off as well! :slightly_smiling_face: You know what they say about curiosity killing the cat. Well, I guess I’m the cat :grin: I think I’ll remove the “Turn on for 5 minutes” action, just for the heck of it. I have a feeling that I’m going to get the same results as most everyone else. It would be a cool feature if it actually worked!

I’m going to play around with it, again, tomorrow. Thanks again, for the help :+1:

Jordan Road… 64…

Good luck with the location triggers. Everyone here would love to find a way to get them to work consistently.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll tinker with it tomorrow to see if I can get it to work. I neglected to mention the location permission was previously set to: allow only while app is in use. I changed it to: allow all the time. I can’t remember if I changed it before or after the failed location trigger attempt! (old age) I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Jordan Road in Ramseur?..Wow, I’m an idiot. I’m so used to calling it Hwy 64, that I completely forgot it actually has a road name! To make it more embarrassing, I grew up in Ramseur! :blush:

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I use IFTTT to turn on Wyze bulbs when I return home and the IFTTT location services works perfectly. I could never get Wyze location services to work.

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Sorry for the late reply! I just ran across it! I finally gave up on Wyze location & set up a shortcut to turn on the lamp. It isn’t as “cool” but it’s much more reliable :grin:

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Wyze location has NEVER worked for me, but I’m not surprised. The only thing it did was drain my phone battery. Every other location (GPS) based app and utility I have work perfectly. I don’t understand why Wyze can’t figure it out.

I tried last fall to get location triggers to work consistently. I submitted log after log to Wyze and followed up contacting support. They provided some suggestions and I tried all of them with no luck. After so many iterations its simply the user submitting logs and contacting support over and over. The location triggers work sometimes but you cannot rely on them. Eventually, I quit submitting logs or contacting support. I thought I would check the community but it seems location triggers are not a priority. I think I am better off turning cameras on and off manually but it kind of feels like Wyze is giving everyone the run around. At any rate, there is no priority on fixing this.

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