Location Service Causing Battery Drain on Android

Posting in the watercooler because I didn’t see anywhere to post about the app or rules in general… I created rules for when I leave/return to my home area. They work well, but the app has been draining my battery pretty severely. I previously used IFTTT for similar functionality, but that app does not drain my battery like Wyze has been since enabling these rules. Is there any battery optimization on the way?

I really like the granularity of the rules on Wyze, but my battery life has been cut by roughly 30-40%

I’m on a Pixel 3a running the latest stable release of Android 12.


Same here! I turned it on to close my garage when i exit the geofence (worked half the time still). Other day I woke up, unplugged my phone and fell back to sleep… in 4 hours, my battery % was cut in half and Wyze Location Services was the issue when I checked. I turned it off and its been over 4 hours and my battery % only went down 2-3%. I have galaxy 22 Ultra. I use other app that use location services like pokemon go, my alarm system and alexa (i have wyze thermostate geofence set in alexa) they dont really use any battery to handle services… but wyze location services is a battery killer.

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Same exact issue here. Switched from IFTTT to the native WYZE geofencing rules recently and experiencing massive battery drain. WTH?

Galaxy S10e on the latest version of Android.

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New phone on Android 12. Major battery drain with “precise” location allowed. Switching to “approximate” stops battery drain but then location services don’t work. This wasn’t an issue for me on Android 10. Please fix!

Yes it’s excessive and could be fixed, but they either don’t care or don’t know how to fix it. #1 app for battery drain with it on is Wyze at 37%. #2 app is typically 2%. There is no reason not to cut the time intervals that Wyze uses to check your location - especially since it doesn’t always even work. I’m forced to go back to manually turning it on and off since [with this turned on] Wyze is responsible for the largest battery drain I’ve ever seen in an app (BY FAR). Bottom line is the problem lies in the code. Being an app developer myself, I know this could be fixed if they cared enough or were knowledgable enough to fix it. If that was not true, Messenger and other similar apps that use location services all the time would also be at 37% battery drain instead of 1-2%.

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I take it this is not been fixed. Seriously excessive battery drain when location service are on all the time instead of just when using the app. It appears they have a lot of unfinished code. Simple fact that it doesn’t even work all the time to turn the camera on or off when you leave or return home, demonstrates that. No more wyse products for me.

Wow, this still appears to be a problem. I just started using the location features and my Pixel 7a went from ~50% power at the end of the day to 10-20%. That is a lot of juice for a feature other apps handle without issue. C’mon Wyze, get it fixed!