Cellphone Abnormal Battery Drain using Wyze App

When I make a mistake and leave the WYZE app running (even after my phone’s screen turns off and the phone is “asleep”)on my Android, my phone gets hot and the battery evaporates. There is no way to keep this app from draining the battery, except being careful to CLOSE the WYZE app.

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I am sorry that is happening, I also run Android and am not seeing that issue. What app version and Android version are you running?

Android 11 and

I sent this up to be looked into.

Same symptom here - also app version
Im my case, after a “force quit” on the app it seems to relent. Until …
If I use the app at all, it’s seen as responsible for ~50% of my 24 hour battery usage according to the Settings app.
Android 13, Pixel4xl.

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