Loads of stuff suddenly not working in Wyze app!

My wyze app is completely down


my area is not on this map as down but yet wyze is down for me

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Looks like the Amazon servers are down

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I’m now getting event notifications but there are no events in the list.

And the cameras that came online are now offline again.

Same here. Everything down. Can’t access Rules, can’t turn on cameras, nothing. I know these aren’t sold as “security cameras” but still…this is ridiculous.

Same here in maryland. I can’t even get into the app. All white blank screen

Both Quicken and Discourse have now reported that previous issue has been resolved.

Atlanta GA: Alexa said I needed to re-enable the Wyze skill, so I disabled and now cannot re-enable. I guess I’ll have to control devices manually like a caveman.

At least if Amazon set up Skynet for The Terminator in the future we will not have to worry.


I see a lot of people saying AWS is having issue, but there is nothing listed on their Service Health Dashboard beyond the US-West-1 and US-West-2 regions having Internet Connectivity issues this morning, and that has been resolved. I can tell you that I’ve checked my services running on AWS and see no issues (again beyond the AWS Internet issues that have been resolved already)… and I cannot imagine that Wyze is ONLY using the US-WEST regions…

SAME. All cameras down. East Coast here.


In this situation it is not a good idea to start trying to fix things just ride out the storm


I wish Wyze would be transparent about this. Nothing on their support page, nothing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I hate that I have to do “troubleshooting” like resetting and rebooting, only to find out in this forum that this is a known issue. Been going crazy about this.


I am also not getting notifications by email of new posts in this topic

I’m in Washington state, and I can’t login to the Wyze app. I was briefly able to use the app this morning to turn on one of my bulbs and view all my cams despite Alexa being unable to link to the skill and run its typical morning routines. Just a minute later , though, the app must have logged itself out. Now I can’t get into it at all.

I know this isn’t Wyze’s fault. Have my fingers crossed for a swift return to service.

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Down Detector showing a spike in outage reports. Could be Wyze, could be AWS, could be aliens. Whatever it is, getting some updates from Wyze would be great. This is precisely what’s preventing me from going all in on home security with them.

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Same problem



Now I got to join the rest of you. The V3 still works locally recording to the SD, the 4 WCO show Off Line.

Same here