Loads of stuff suddenly not working in Wyze app!

Tried the router. That did nothing to the home monitoring base unit. The base unit and all sensors are offline. All the cameras are online. HMS has been down for days.

Hopefully wyze will make a deal with azure to spread the traffic. Depending all on Jeff Who’s cloud is not so smart

My issue is the group pages showing some camera’s off-line but if I go to view the camera directly the the camera is working. I thought it was either V2 or V3 and V3 cameras are only affected. Something got screwed up since the last app update. I’m starting to think the Wyze app is getting to big for its britches.

Try to log out of app,then pack in…also clear your cache which is found on the app about page

I’m having the very same issue and followed your steps to no avail. Something definitely happened durong the last update. My cameras haven’t been the same since. I’ve tried everything posted on the topic thread and none of it worked. Cameras that are working are still saying OFFLINE when they are NOT…random gaps in when random camera remain LIVE and record events and times when they just are not working. I have 6 cameras and they all have worked consistently until a few weeks ago. I just hope the right people at WYZE are noticing this trend.

I have been getting the offline problem but can still see the live stream from them.

I can get mine back online by unplugging the camera power cable and then plugging it back in again.

It started with the latest update.

I just noticed I had two Wyze plugs that still weren’t working, presumably from the AWS outages. Unplugging them seemed to reset okay. Obviously that absolutely sucks if you’re using the plugs as a backup to reboot a camera when it hangs. :frowning: Mine were just on lamps.

Same issue with the home monitoring system. Don’t waste your time logging out of the app or clearing cache etc. it accomplishes nothing.

The wyze plugs do that every time I lose the internet I only have 4, and every time I just unplug and plug back ,I use another vendor for my other places

I have done those things and reinstalled the app with the same result. My wife has the exact same problem with her app.

Extremely disappointed with Wyze. While I understand the issue may have been out of their control, they have done a piss poor job with this cluster F and I will not be buying their products anymore. Currently I have 6 cams, 2 flood light cams, 3 vacuum’s (don’t ask), 4 light strips, 2 floor lamps. Been a customer for over two years. I was almost convinced to replace my Ring equipment. Now, going back to Ring. Done with Wyze. They clearly do not prioritize customer experience.

@Robert-TX - I know that feeling.

ALL seven of my V3s have suddenly gone offline AGAIN!!!

This is getting beyond a joke.

EDIT: And I have just got an email from Wyze saying " do more with your WyzeCams"

It would be nice to do anything with them!

Time to leave Wyze I think.

EDIT EDIT: I have just disconnected the power from all my cams and they are all back online.


It sure sounds like you have an hardware issue, I checked our cams and all are one and working with no issues,you might want to power cycle your router to clear the cache out.

I finally gave up on all my wyze. I didn’t put it in the garbage but I put it in a drawer and ordered new from Amazon you live and you learn.

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Consider yourself lucky…many folks are having the same issues with NO suggested resolutions rectifying it. Just hope ACTUAL Wyze TECHs are seeing this blog or else it’s just us complaining to one another.

I guess he’s lucky we don’t have any issues we have V2,V3,PTZ version 1,2 and the wireless outdoor cameras and some are in Montana and Colorado and California and I just checked them and all is good

Everything is working as it should now - another blip. It’s a good job that it didn’t happen at nighttime which is when I really want them to work.

I doubt it is hardware as all seven cams went off at once but the other things I have on the same network ( Smartthings, Wiz, SharpTools and Tuya) were all working perfectly.

The only bit that causes me trouble is Wyze.

Oh yes their marketing emails and text messages seem to work fine. Not one communication about the Home Monitoring System. Issues since the 15th.

I found that if I physically power cycle the cameras it no longer shows the cameras offline. I’m still disappointed in the v1 motion sensor which still no longer works even with a new battery. I’m not sure if the sensor went bye-bye or if Wyze is at fault. I am now stopping the purchase of Wyze newly released products due to trust issues. Sorry Wyze. I really do like your products but trust and reliability is important; both Wyze has violated in the last two years. Slow down and fix the problems you have now and shore up the code and make it stable. Maybe create a separate app for your home security system. Right now the current app UI is looking congested with all of the products added to it. Just my thoughts.

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