Livestream Landscape Mode on IOS

IOS app will not stay in landscape mode when switching between different apps. Wyze app needs to be restarted every time to re-enable landscape mode.


This is known. You can vote for this feature to show your interest and join the conversation here:


Excellent suggestion :+1:

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I’m not talking about the app not opening in landscape mode. It’s when I’m streaming a camera in landscape mode. For the longest time when my iPad goes to sleep and I wake it up, the camera stream will resume in landscape mode. The live stream now opens in portrait mode and when I try to go full screen…nothing happens (actually the “back” arrow, camera title, and settings icon disappear). The app needs to be closed and restarted.

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I think I started seeing the same problem on my iPad after the most recent app update. Will confirm later today.

Edit: just launched the app (2.30) and began streaming one of my cameras, then tapped the control in upper-right corner of the stream to enlarge to full-screen landscape streaming. Then put my iPad to sleep and then launched app again. As you say, it didn’t resume in full-screen landscape streaming mode as (I think) it used to, but rather in portrait streaming mode.

This also happens on Android. Except going full screen in landscape works the second time around. Whereas on IOS nothing happens except the back, camera title, and settings icon disappear. This all started happening since the 2.30 update

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By the way, in the Edit portion of my previous reply, there’s a string that reads, “… and then launched app again.” What I meant to say was, “… and then immediately woke it up (with Wyze app running in background).” Have confirmed the change in behavior again this evening. Hopefully others discussing Landscape mode will read this thread as well.

I’m having the same problem and made a thread about it when the new version of the app was released two weeks ago: App no longer works in landscape orientation on iPad

Very annoying - this wasn’t a problem in the previous version of the app.

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The known issue you linked to is a different issue. This one is a new bug introduced only in the most recent version of the app.


I’m having the same issue.

I’m getting a little tired of updating the app and wondering what will quit working next. :neutral_face:

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I have a V3 monitoring the front door and an iPad mounted horizontally on the wall. Real inconvenience having to restart the app every time.

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