Live view on Alexa when person detected

Thanks for explaining that!! You were very helpful.

Happy I could help. If we see anything update on the Alexa side I will update this thread.

When Amazon corrects the issue, you can do what you are asking for via a Routine. I do it when the doorbell is pressed, but you can do it with other triggers as well. Here is a link in the Tips and Tricks:

This is perfect thank you! My wife just accidentally set off the alarm from the basement door she didn’t know that I had it on and you can’t hear the hub when you’re downstairs. Is there any way to know if the alarm is on? Or if it has been tripped? I do have a keypad mounted next to the basement door and an echo dot nearby.

Currently HMS does not provide any Rules to attach to it. So not at this time.

@carverofchoice @R.Good , do yo have any suggestions?

No additional rules today. But there is this wishlist

If you are in Canada routines do not work with wyze.

No usa

I recorded this video to demonstrate the issue:

Valid until May 3, 2022

Anyone have a moment to see the video?

Hello @jrieder46

I just watched it. I have seen this issue recently and there has been some discussion here. Check out this thread. I have been testing daily to see if the service comes back and have open tickets with both Wyze and Alexa Support.

Thx I’m not now I know I’m not crazy

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Any updates on this?

Hi everyone, i have the same issue with Wyze V3 NOT to show the live view automatically when people was detected and announced by Echo show 5.
I recently bought Alexa Echo show 5 (Gen2) and linked to Wyze V3 cam with routine setup. However, the Alexa popped up an Error message " This device is not currently supported " and could be setup directly from the Wyze cam as Ring devices…please kindly update me if there is anything i missed in setup procedure?

Are you in Canada?

Yes, i am living in Canada…both Alexa and Wyze were bought in Canada.

That’s likely the reason. Many of us have had the same problem for years. I wish Wyze would tell people this before they advertise that it works with Alexa. I’m not sure wyze will do anything for us since it has been bought up for some time now.

Yes, it only works when you ask Alexa to show the Wyze cam live view but could not show automatically when motion was triggered…! I hope Wyze and Alexa can fix the problem soon…, thanks for your reply!

I recently read that you can change your location to United States in the settings and then it will work.

P, do youmean th change location for Wyze or Alexa setting? Please send me the forum you have read to share, thanks.