Live view frozen on OG and OG Telephoto

I was hoping the ‘bug fix’ in the latest app update would correct the issue I am having with my OG and OG telephoto.

When viewing a live image, the time/date stamp are from the last time the camera was accessed by the app. The image is also from the same time. I am running app version 2.50.0 and the OG cams are running firmware version 1.0.80. I can keep the live view open for an hour and it never updates even though the KB/S is always updating and is usually over 100. The WiFi is 2 bars.

Here is a video showing what I am talking about.

Our household has 3 iPads and 2 XS MAX smartphones. This happens on every device. Every device is running the latest iOS and iPadOS and the latest app version.

This does not happen with any of my v3 cameras. When I start the live feed on those, the live feed is displayed in one or two seconds and is current and updates.

To troubleshoot, I have :

cleared the cache
formatted the SD card
physically powered the cam off
reset through the app
swapped the SD card with one from a working v3
removed the SD card

What works (for a while) :

Restarting the OG though the app
Removing power from the OG and reconnecting it

I use the same type of SD card in every camera. SanDisk 64GB High Endurance.

Remember this is also happening to my OG Telephoto so it’s not the camera.

Before I go down the rabbit hole at support, is there something I have missed?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Another issue is with the playback. The image is grey, and will only show correctly after a reboot or power down.

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Here is how I solved my OG playback issues…

Go to some of my posts and read my experiences, and the total lack of support by WYZE, for my OG cameras… Of my (27) Wyze cameras, (15) are OG"s. All of the OG’s experienced the same “playback” issue at the same time. This is the beginning of the pile. I am replacing them in batches. Good luck with yours.

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That is the nuclear option. Perhaps a firmware update will correct it.

I am replacing the OG’s with V4’s. I take the exact SD card out of the OG and put it in the V4. The playback works fine even on the video that the OG placed there. As an example for clarification… I swap the card and initiate the camera. I can immediately playback video from 2 days prior. Same mounting location on my property, same 2.4ghz connection, etc.

Again, these OG’s were working fine for months. They all started having the same playback issue at the same time. I believe it was just after a firmware update. I blindly update any camera with firmware as I receive notices they were available. I seem to remember having to update a bunch of my 27 cameras at the same time. I think it was the OG’s.

I think this is more substantial evidence that it is an OG issue. Not my SD card or Wi-Fi connection. Bottom line is these OG’s are un-reliable to many people and exhibit many different issues. It is unethical for WYZE to still be selling them and propagating these problems.

Bad business strategy to have a person that is sooo frustrated that they have to swap cameras for a different version. Good job, you are selling additional cameras just to replace your inferior version of camera… Increased bottom line sales!!!

If I fiddle with the controls in the app, playback starts working. But at first I am presented with a grey image. I am not about to deep six my OG cams because of a firmware update. :crossed_fingers:that the next update will correct this.