Live Stream, You will pay or you can't use it

The “Live Stream” is a good thing that everyone who bought your cameras should be able to do. I don’t think forcing people to buy cam + just to have it is very fair. I have cam+ and it’s has never worked like you say it will so I have canceled mine. To make someone pay for cam+ just to do the live stream is just one more way you guys have gotten so caught up in making money. Zmodo has great cameras and you get to pull it up on your computer without being forced to pay for it. Wyze started out as a great company and that’s why I have purchased a lot of your products. You have really gotten way greedy and it shows.

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You can still livestream from your phone or using something like Tiny Cam Pro, you just need cam plus for web view. Webview costs Wyze money to operate because it goes through their server. If zmodo has free view from PC it’s either only locally viewable, or requires you to open ports to the internet which is not always a good idea.

You indicated your using an outdoor cam in the tags. Webview does not support battery outdoor cams


All cams can live stream within the app without any paid subscription whatsoever. Just click on the cam icon in the device listing on the Home tab and that is what opens. Live Stream Video. No subscription required.

You tagged this topic Cam Outdoor. While the WCO can Live Stream in the app, it was not designed for lengthy streaming sessions due to battery drain limitations. Both versions of the WCO are also NOT compatible with Web View.


I still have 2 Zmodo cameras and they work great on my PC and the phone app. I got rid of all the other ones I had and replaced them with your cameras. Your Cam+ never has and still doesn’t work like you say. I have 2 of your V3 outdoor cams, just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean it’s wireless. I have Cam+ still on them until it runs out. I guess now you have the V3 Pro and it won’t be long before you stop supporting the V3 like you did the original door sensors so your customers will have to upgrade. You say it costs Wyze to have Web View so it’s only available if you pay. Well your products are not free and to buy them to support your company and then you turn around and charge for a service that D-Link and Zmodo and probably many others give to their customers just proves my statement that you have gotten greedy now and it shows. I have purchased many of your products over the years and have told friends about your company and they have become customers to. I have been looking at Zmodo again and considering switching back. Thanks for your reply, I don’t guess you like mine.

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Just a note… This is a user to user forum. We are all Wyze customers here. None of us work for Wyze. All the Mods and Mavens in the forum are Community Volunteers with experience using Wyze gear who are here to help other users with their Wyze gear.

Any Wyze Team Employee who does participate here in the Forum will be recognized by a Wyze Team label and a Wyze Logo on their Avatar.

The V3 cam isn’t Wireless and isn’t marketed as such. It requires power from a plug, therefore it is a Wired cam.

Wyze only makes 3 “Wireless”, battery operated cams. The Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCOv1), the Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 (WCOv2), and the Video Doorbell Pro (VDBP dual power capability).

My CamPlus on all my V3 cams works. The most common reasons it fails is improper user settings and insufficient WiFi network.

I seriously doubt that will happen any time soon. Since the V3 is the Flagship WyzeCam with millions of units in play and is still being sold as such, I would predict it has many years to come before it reaches its EOL.

The V1 Sense Sensors we’re discontinued due to a critical flaw in their design that caused them to brick. A critical flaw that was caused by the chip manufacturer Texas Instruments. A critical flaw that wasn’t discovered until after there were units in use. Wyze was forced to abandon the design because the component manufacturer screwed up the design of the chip and it couldn’t be fixed with firmware. Perhaps a tersely worded email to Texas Instruments would help.

You are buying cams that will work without any subscription… and they do work straight out of the box without any subscription.

If you want all the premium upgrades with all the bells and whistles, those cost more. If you are buying a car, you don’t get all the premium upgrades for free, you pay for them. If you are flying on any airline, you don’t get the first class upgrade for free, you pay for it. You aren’t going to get the Double Whopper at the Hamburger price. It doesn’t work that way… Anywhere.

Please provide links and references to other companies in the IoT tech industries who are giving the same services away for free. Wyze spends money developing a desirable product and requires a subscription to get it and now it’s a crime to charge for it. That is capitalism. Kudos to Wyze for making products people want. How many premium cable channels do you get for free when you pay for the basic plan?

Customers are free to buy what they want based on both their needs and their means. If ZModo is for you… Go for it! But do your research before you compare ZModo to Wyze. It really is comparing a prune to a watermelon.

ZModo’s LOWEST pay plan at 150% more than Wyze CamPlus ($4.99 vs $1.99)

  • 7 days of intelligent, continuous cloud recordings
    Wyze = 14 Days - Twice as much for $3 less!
  • 7 days of alert clip storage
    Wyze = 14 Days - Twice as much for $3 less
  • User-designated motion detection zones
    Free on ALL Cams w\ Basic Plans from Wyze. No Subscription required - ZModo doesn’t give you this on their basic plan.
  • Video editor and time-lapse clips
    Free Time Lapse Recording on ALL Cams w\ Basic Plans from Wyze. No Subscription required - ZModo doesn’t give you this on their basic plan.
    AI-enabled object detection
    **Same as Wyze provides for $3 LESS
    Enables features for a single camera
    **Same as Wyze provides for $3 LESS

ZModo 7 Day plan annually on 2 cams = $120
Wyze 14 Day plan annually on 99 cams = $99 for CamPlus Unlimited. Not much of a comparison.

The ZModo free plan has no features beyond 12 hours of alert clips.

If you then look at their 30 day storage plan and compare it to Wyze’s 14 days (only twice as long)… 5 times the cost! That’s 500% the cost for only 100% more. How does that compute? Certainly not “greedy” at all. :thinking:


That was a nice comparison between ZModo and Wyze.