Live Stream is frozen when cam was reconnected


my family is using some old android phone as constant on monitor for one of WyzwCams.

This android phone is displaying Live Stream all the time in full screen mode and connected to power supply 24/7.

Yesterday my wife call me with some sort of panic because she saw person inside monitored by cam area.

My wife was brave and she decided to investigate by herself (armed by knife ;)). Nobody was inside. Empty room.

Later we have made an assumption Live Stream on android phone was frozen and constantly displaying the same frame, what is more funny person on this still frame was my wife. Later my wife has confirmed WyzeCam was disconnected and reconnected to power supply. For some reasons Live Stream captured and displayed last one frame on disconnection.

I think Live Stream (full screen mode) should have clear indication like something going wrong and currently displayed picture is NOT actual.

Thank you!