Static image on Devices tab

I see this information on your website: "In the Wyze app, the Devices tab lists the WyzeCams that you have set up or have had shared with you. It displays a static image of the last time you viewed the live stream feed from each camera. "

My Android cellphone Wyze app used to work that way, but no longer. The Devices tab show a picture of the Wyze camera instead. What do I need to do so it will show a static image of the last viewed live stream?

If you click on that Wyze camera picture and open the live stream that should fix it when you return to the device tab.

It doesn’t fix it. No matter how many times I touch the image to go to the live stream, when I hit the back arrow I get the same image of the camera, not the image from the camera.

I for one would prefer the picture of a camera instead of a still from the feed. It can be confusing if the image is live or not.

A better solution would be the static still, with the name of the camera superimposed on top in large block letters so you can quickly see if its a live image or not.

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