Front v3 Cam showing camera instead of last capture video. Also happening in Events

Hello Wyze team,

A ticket was already created for this issue (log ID 1160496) and I spoke with Ryan T

FYI I purchased these v3 cameras on January 30, 2021, and all of my cameras are inside the house.

Is Wyze having issues with the network? Every time I open the app, my front camera is blank. If I open it, it works fine. I go back to the main view, and a few seconds later I see the last image. If I swipe away and come back, it is blank.

Also, when opening events, all of them show a camera instead of the last captured images. This started about two days ago. I turned off the front camera; I also left it unplugged for 10 minutes, and it did the same.

I also cleared the app’s cache and storage.

I’m using it on my Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with the latest August 5 updates and Wyze’s latest version All three of my camera’s have the latest firmware version.

Also, I went into the events and managed to go back to August 27th, and this is when I started to have these issues with my Front camera. Anything prior to that, I can see all the images.

I even logged online to Live stream - Wyze and it is doing the same.

Below is an image showing the front camera, and it is empty and also in the events.

Displaying the latest version of the app installed on my Pixel 6

Displaying that all three cameras have the latest firmware.

Online view using website Live stream - Wyze

On the even view, it is showing a blank image from the last captured video. From August 236 and earlier, they are showing correctly.

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Hello, @WyzeJasonJ Would you know why this is happening?


Sorry about the very delayed reply I was on PTO and am just getting caught up. I do not know why this would be happening, can you let me know if it has been fixed or if you are still experiencing this? I checked mine and it seems to be working normally.

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Disregard, looks like the issues have been resolved. It has been working fine for the last few weeks. The reason I reached out is because no one from your support team responded to my emails or the ticket that was created.

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I am glad everything was resolved and I do apologize that no one responded back to you.

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