Live feed freeze often, on LG phone and iPad, no wifi AP issue

I have 5x Wyze cam V2 cameras all within 40ft of a Ubiquiti AC Pro WIFI access point. All of the cameras are only 1 wall away.

As Ubiquiti is an enterprise network system, I can see the WIFI strength of each connection. For the Wyze cams, they vary from -49 dBm to -63 dBm (really good signal), connecting at 39-72Mbps sending and receiving. Given even the HD signal is just about 100kbps, so wifi signal is not a problem. Due to COVID lockdown, I am sitting at home with the LG G7 phone and iPad on the same network, and they connect 5ghz at around the same dBm range at 650Mbps, so no issue with WIFI for them as well.

So when I watch live feed as individual cameras, or as a 2x2 group, for both the LG phone and the iPad, the feed will suddenly just become stuck after a while. I tried restarting the phone and the iPad to clear out anything else running, but same issue.

Also, as I open the 2x2 live feed group, some cameras will not always connect, but tapping on the camera and going to dedicated view, the camera will connect fine.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Certainly I don’t think I have a WIFI network problem, is it a problem with the cameras, or with the app?

BTW, I have 2 wansview K3 cameras, and I have not experience the same problem.

What happens when they LG G7 or iPad are connected to the same 2.4 Ghz that the Wyze cams run on? I believe that once you begin watching a stream, the cams feed directly to the phone/tablet and sometimes switching frequencies causes issues.

Yes, this should not be happing on a system of that quality, nor with signals in the -50 dBm range, but it’s the first thing I would double check…

Second thing would be, how long has this been happening? Always, or just since a recent firmware or Wyze app update?

Yeah, I have been encountering this a lot in just the past few days also. Not sure what’s up yet…

I experienced a similar issue with the beta app. the failure to connect issue after returning from the detail view of a cam to a group view (in my case a 6 cam group) the top and bottom cams in the list would reconnect, but cams onscreen when returning to the group would fail to reconnect.

I posted a bug report, but the issue has not been patched or resolved yet. The regular release app does not seem to exhibit the issue on my iPhone or Android. It appeared to be a “focus” issue for those devices in the app, in that devices that were not visible on the screen when returning from the individual view of a cam to the group view, lost focus (visibility on screen) and were reconnected. Cams that were on screen and visible when returning to the group view failed to be reconnected, and only leaving the group view and returning to it prompted the app to reconnect to the cams.

Long winded description, I assume you are running a production release of the Wyze app, so it may not reflect your case, but a patch regarding a freeze of the same negotiation when reconnecting was processed recently and I would check if the bug exists on your version.

Short of that, I would uninstall the app, and reinstall to clear any cached problems. On Android, you can purge app data and cache data easily enough, but I would suggest a clean install.

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I started to use the webcams to watch my kids do online learning during lockdown, so I can yell at them from a different room where I work when they switch to youtube or tic tok during a class meet, LOL. I have never use the live feed mode until now, so I don’t know if this problem existed before.

I use the stock firmware as updated by the app, nothing fancy.

The WIFI AP puts out both 5gz and 2.4ghz signals. The ipad and LG phone connect on 5ghz, they sit on my desk as “nanny cam”. The thing is that when in 2x2 mode, some 1 or 2 cams will freeze, the others will be fine. So it’s doesn’t see to me the LG or ipad problem…

Wow, solved 1 of the problems today!!!

Standing next to 1 of the cameras, I noticed after streaming live feed for a moment, it was making a clicking sound just like during boot up, and was disconnecting from WIFI as seen by Ubiquiti network dashboard… It turns out, the USB power adapter was going bad, and it was dying as Wyze cam needed more power to send out live feed, so Wyze kept rebooting. Switched to a different 1AMP USB adapter, and this disconnecting pattern was fixed…

I still have issues with other cameras that don’t have the same problem though…

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I’m having the same issue. I have 4 WyzeCam V2. If I try to view more than one live stream simultaneously, the Wyze cameras saturate my network and all my IOT devices start getting laggy.

I have a Ubiquiti AP LR with 450Mbps bandwidth on 2.4ghz. As soon as I load up multiple live streams, network utilization shoots up. I’ve seen others with Ubiquiti APs and WyzeCams reporting the same issue, but I can’t find a solution.

I find it hard to believe that WyzeCam’s low bitrates are too much to handle for the LR when I can stream 4k video on the 2.4Ghz radio with no issues. Seems more likely there is conflict in how WyzeCams and Ubiquiti APs function.