Live Stream displays in half speed?

WyzeCam V2
Live stream only runs at half or slow speed.
i.e. not in real time…
Replay event captures run @ correct speed.

Camera 3 ft from Router.
Located behind window. No walls etc.
Wifi connection very fast.

Multiple camera resets and reboots done.
SD card reformatted several times etc

Thanks for any input /advice

This is most likely a problem due to the new app update.
If you would like to rollback to the previous app 2.4.82 you can find the file here
be sure to uninstall the current app first and turn off automatic update on your mobile device


Thx for advice.
Do you mean completely uninstall the app on mobile device?
Surely when I go to Google play to reinstall, it will be the version I don’t want.
i.e the current version causing all the issues reported.

Hi @invstr2 welcome to the community!!!

Yes, you will need to uninstall the current version of the app - then download Android V2.4.82 via the link provided (not through google play) and install version 2.4.82

Here is a link to the wishlist item to restore hardware accelerator, please vote there to have your voice heard - there is also a lot of good information in this thread:

Thx for response.
I’m not a tech person.
I am assuming ‘Restore HW acceleration on Android’ is related to this issue.
I will follow the link and try to figure out voting…

So how do I get version V2.4.82 onto my phone? Do I have to hook up to a laptop?
Apologies for lack of skills.