Linking to Fitbit

Tried to link our Wyze Scale to my Fitbit app.
My Fitbit app is on a Samsung Galaxy S7. Closing the Fitbit app isn’t done by “swiping up”. Rather, in this older phone, had to enter the Fitbit app settings and click on the “Log Out” button.

Found that Wyze Scale did interface with the Fitbit app. Loaded my weight and body fat % as determined on the Wyze Scale. (This was Thursday, 07/23/2020. ) Unfortunately, no data was displayed by the Fitbit app over the next couple of days (Sleep Score, steps, resting heart rate).

In attempt to troubleshoot, I closed and reopened Fitbit; reset my Fitbit tracker; turned my phone off then back on. No progress made.

I had to disconnect Wyze Scale from linking to my Fitbit app in the Wyze app. After disconnecting, my Fitbit app collected and displayed sleep score, steps and resting heart rate from the missing days.


Did you happen to submit a log before disconnecting?