Limit Event Recording to People, Pets, Vehicals and Packages

I live in Oregon. I get close to 1000 events a night mostly Rain and Fog. On my 4 V3 cameras I have the sensitivity turned way down and a rule to limit the ON times to evenings for 2 of them. Detects Motion is OFF in Event Recording. Only Wyze AI Events is ON. All Other Motion Events is OFF. Have I missed something?

Motion recording has to be on since all AI processing is done on the Wyze servers. You can stop notification for events other than person, vehicle etc. but motion has to record. You can use filters to only see the recordings you want.


In addition to what @WildBill said, I’d you have this setting then you’re never going to get any events or notifications. SD recording should still work.

Thank you all. I hadn’t investigated Filters before. That works well. Originally I was concerned about filling up the Wyze server with all my events so I was reviewing and deleting those 1000 plus events daily. This saves me a lot of time. If memory serves they’re only saved for 14 days?

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Yes, And as you note the events will be stored whether you filter your view or not.