WYZE AI WITHOUT event recording

Battery drain is ridiculous because you have to enable Motion recording to get WYZE AI events to work. Why can’t I have it record a person or a package or a vehicle etc… Without enabling “Motion” in event recording. Please fix so we don’t have to charge our cameras every day and so we can stop getting unnecessary notifications.

WYZE AI events being enabled should be enough, (stand alone) to record events / trigger recording, without enabling any other “event recording.” Wasted battery on random motion events. Created too many triggers to record, this draining the battery. I don’t want to record motion. I want to record PEOPLE and PACKAGES and Vehicles etc…

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Your post is confusing. The reason you can’t have any of that is that none of the Wyze cameras have any “AI” at all. All such intelligence lies only on the cloud servers, and your camera has to send clips there to be analyzed. Thus they need to detect motion, record a clip, and upload it.


Your camera needs to be replaced, we get over 80 + recordings every day all on cam + we charge every 65 days

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Yes, first review your camera view, Detection Settings and Event Recording settings. Outdoor cams are triggered by heat sources. So if you have a heat source (concrete, animal, or even a tree in sunlight) in view of the camera, then either adjust that view (Detection Zone) or reduce the sensitivity.

Also, make sure your firmware is up-to-date, because the Outdoor Cameras have recently been plagued with bad firmware recently (problems that also led to fast battery discharge).


Makes sense. I guess I could have phrased the question better. I also don’t recharge daily. That was hyperbole. I recharge monthly probably.

I guess a better phrasing would simply be, how do I get better battery life? How can I get less things to trigger the camera to record, thus increasing battery life? I get too many recordings of just “motion.” I get too many false triggers for people. Vehicle detection is essentially useless as a change in lighting will trigger for a stationary vehicle that was already in the cameras view. I can see how it could be useful in rare settings.

I’m not hating on WYZE. Love the company. I have 6 subscriptions. I have 7 cameras outside and 2 inside that are WYZE brand.

(I must say I have a EUFY 2k indoor pan and tilt that is AMAZING. Wired so no worries about battery life. Person and pet detection free. 2k. Excellent night vision. Cheap. No sub necessary. Etc. Don’t hesitate on that one.)

I just need all the tips I can get to increase battery life and decrease false positive detection rates. Keep it up WYZE. I buy all your stuff. Glade you made it through the pandemic and I appreciate the customer service you have shown me this far.

Most helpful response yet. Thank you. I did not know it was heat that triggered. Didn’t think about it I suppose. Good stuff. I will adjust based on this. Any other tips for battery life?

Any tips for battery life and longevity?

Turn down the sensitivity, and only check Al events

I think I know what you are saying landonlockhart15. I don’t have the battery issue as all my cameras are plugged in, however with all the constant notifications from the trees blowing, shadows, cars… (I have many cameras) my ipad & phone needs charging more often, however under Settings-Event Recording" I have to have “Detects Motion” enabled in order for “Smart Detection” to work. I only want to record (as well as get notifications) for Person & pet Detection…don’t care about every wave of trees, cars or light changes. And if I don’t have Detects Motion enabled, then nothing gets recorded & no notifications are sent.
I know I can use detection settings to set zones (which the block squares, in my opinion are too large) & adjust settings, however with so many tall trees, wind, & cars driving by, when I block out & adjust the detection settings so low, then person detection doesn’t detect person or pet (love watching wildlife in & outside of the yard).
I agree with the heading of this topic, wyze al w\o event recording - AI events being enable should be enough alone to record events & trigger recording!

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I posted recently about this as well. With Detects Motion off in Event Recording, the Smart AI Detection and Recording is also off… BUT, the Smart AI toggles remain active and colored as though they still work. Very misleading. Very poor app UI design. Those AI toggles should disable when the Detects Motion is off. Furthermore, why is it necessary to have it on two pages? Why not all on one page?

Next, Wyze had a hissy about all the AWS server space being taken up by all these videos that no one watches. That is why they introduced CPL. No, this is why there are so many unviewed videos on the server.

Most CPL\CP customers only want the AI video. If I were able to toggle off saving the motion videos to the cloud and leave the AI videos saved, I would. It would save a ton of server space.

I got my phone to quiet down by turning off motion only notifications. I only get them for AI events. Then in the Events tab, I have the filter set to only show me the AI events. The only use I have for the motion events is to prove to Wyze that their AI tagging still isn’t working.

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Unfortunately, as of this date evaluations as to whether it is a person of a pet are done in the cloud. So EVERYTHING has to be recorded and sent to the cloud – after which you will receive a notification as to whether it is a person, etc. The extra cloud recordings are for you to review later if the AI didn’t identify it correctly. I’m sure no one wants LESS ability to identify what happened if the AI doesn’t identify things correctly?

I do my part to upload incorrect tagging :grin:

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