Disappointed with Wyze AI

I spend my life sharing videos with Wyze that contain absolutely nothing. No people, no vehicles, no animals, no sounds, nothing… Today for about an hour I received 40 Motion notifications from one of the Wyze Cam OG when there was nothing. Reviewing the videos many times, I can detect a very slight change in brightness in two of the notifications.

In another video surveillance camera, a Wyze Cam v3 installed in a hall of the rooms on the 1st floor only ON between 12:50 AM and 08:30 AM (and OFF between 08:30 AM and 12:50 AM), I receive notifications in the dark from absolutely nothing. Only if it’s a ghost.

I will stop sharing videos with Wyze because AI just doesn’t evolve. I fear that one day I will discard a justified notification.

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Wyze AI is what tags motion videos with person, pet, etc. if you are getting motion events with none of those tags, the ai is not involved. Most cameras use a pixel change algorithm to detect motion, and you can adjust the sensitivity and set a detection zone to reduce false detections. Could you share a few of these false alerts with us?


Thanks so much for letting me know that Wyze AI is what tags motion videos. I know I can adjust the sensitivity and that’s done, but setting a detection zone to reduce false detections I only find it on Wyze Outdoor cameras and unfortunately I don’t find this option on Wyze Cam OG or Wyze Cam v3. Here are three videos where the pixel change algorithm to detect motion, detected motion where it actually didn’t exist.

Sorry but I couldn’t figure out how to upload 3 videos in one go :frowning:

You should be able to set a detection zone (as a grid of squares) in the cams detection settings.

Also, what sensitivity are you using? The cam should not be picking that stuff up unless at like max sensitivity.

Is there a reason you don’t have the IR leds enabled on that cam in the dark?

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I know how to select a detection zone on a grid, and I use that feature on my two Wyze Outdoors, but maybe I’m too stupid to be able to find it on the Wyze Cam OG and Wyze Cam v3 cameras. If you can guide me, I appreciate it.

Both in the camera that shows stairs and the entrance door and in the camera that has the dark video, I have a sensitivity of 80.

The reason why I don’t have the infrared LEDs turned on on this last camera is that I have a PIR sensor that turns on lighting.

To set the zone, you need to start the live stream, select the Gear at the top right, then go to Detection Settings. Turn on Detection Zone and the set the area you would like to watch.

Image below shows what you should see.


Thank you very much. I can’t understand how I didn’t see it written Detection Zone in Detection Settings. And I did the research in the Detection Settings of both cameras. Thank you very much

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My pleasure.

I have missed plenty in the past as well. Glad you got it

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If the AI is what tags the motion events, then turning off smart detection events would stop the AI from labeling the recordings yes? Yet, I did just that and just had record motion events on and while most of the recordings were not labeled as anything other than motion, some actual were labeled at a vehicle or person. So why would that happen?

I use the default sensitivity of 50 on most of my cams. I would consider lowering it and testing further.

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My experience with detection hallucinations: My TV in the living room is facing perpendicular to a patio glass door. There is a chair in the patio. When the TV scenes change the changing TV light reflects on the patio chair and sets off alerts in the camera in the patio.
All this is not new to long-time Wyze users. Let’s state the obvious: Wyze features and functions don’t work all the time. Second, don’t call this stuff “AI”. There is no AI going on here, it’s just pixel change analysis, it’s flaky, and it will depend on the “improvement” updates. The detection zones don’t work and never worked for me on any camera. Turning down detection sensitivity will minimize alerts, but then are you missing real motions? Person detection isn’t worth the money. Product stability and quality control are not Wyze’s strengths. Cheap price is.

Thanks. I live in Porto, Portugal but have rented a house in Spain all year round for several years now, and as I am naturally responsible for what happens there. I chose to increase the sensitivity despite the fact that more events are registered. This is the reason for the 80

I understand the concern and wanting to be extra cautious, but since you made that choice I’m not sure there’s much that can be done to eliminate false alerts like this.

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As I wrote in the Subject, I am disappointed and will continue to be disappointed.
Thank you very much for what you have taught me in the meantime

I don’t understand your disappointment, afaik the cam is working as intended and as advertised with your setup. You have the sensitivity at a high number, so the camera is detecting very small motions and lighting changes. You don’t have any AI filters enabled so you receiving notifications for these small events.

Any other camera would behave the same.

I’m sorry that your not happy with this camera.

In reading thru your posts, you are getting motion notifications on an OG Cam and a V3 cam constantly when there is no apparent motion within the frame and the sensitivity on those cams is considerably high.

The title of your initial post, and this thread, expresses your disappointment with Wyze AI. Yet, I have yet to see any discussion or evidence of the AI being used. If you are getting push notifications from uploaded Motion Activated Events because you have the “All other Motion” selection on in the Device Notification settings, those don’t go thru the AI Engine. The cam sees movement in pixelated lighting changes, which are much more pronounced at night and you have the sensitivity high, and the cam uploads a video.

The AI only plays into this if you have Cam Plus and the videos are being tagged as Person, Vehicle, etc. when there is none. In this case there is most likely something in the frame that looks like one of those objects. But there has been no mention of any tagging errors so I can only assume this isn’t the case.

Camera is not working as expected. I have the sensitivity at a high value because I want to be warned of any intrusion. I like birds a lot, but I don’t have cameras to appreciate mother nature. I have them for video surveillance, which is what cameras were created for.

I don’t understand why you write that I don’t have any AI filters enabled. Yes Sir I have:

Imagem WhatsApp 2023-07-09 às 17.41.34

And you don’t need to apologize to me. I’ve owned cameras from several other manufacturers, and if I had to buy another camera today, it would definitely be Wyze. I’d say it’s the least bad compared to Foscam, Tend and Xiaomi / Kami I’ve ever had.