Lighting with floodlight

I have 2 floodlights.

On the first, the cam is set to Auto for night vision mode and there is plenty of nearby light so the night vision stays off and I have a beautiful colour view of the entire area. Very impressive.
It looks almost like daylight. The problem is that when the floodlight turns on, the view becomes VERY dark, so dark that I’d almost rather that the floodlight not turn on. But I have the floodlight as a deterrent (thinking that thieves and lurkers don’t want a lot of light and it would scare them away). So I need the floodlights to come on. Is it expected that what I see is so much darker with the floodlights ON than when they are OFF? If anything, I would have expected with the floodlights on, that my view would be even brighter. I’m wondering if I’ve not set something up correctly or if something is defective.

On the other floodlight, I actually have 2 cam v3s looking at the same area. One of the v3s is inside attached to the window. For this reason, the Night Vision mode is set to Off and once again, what I see is an impressive colour view. The cam on the floodlight that is pointed to pretty much the same area, is set to Auto. In this setting, I only get a black and white view. If I set the Night vision to Off, I get colour. So colour works, but the “Auto” setting apparently thinks there isn’t enough light and switches night vision on. This surprises me since as I say, the cams are pointing in virtually the same place and my understanding is that these cams need very little light to give colour night vision. Might the cam on the floodlight be defective?

Can you send some screenshots of the bright view and the dark view (when the lights come on). Also, is it always in color, or does it ever switch to black and white

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This is what my v3 looks like when my floodlights are on and set to 100% brightness

I agree you cannot see much from far away. I think it might be due to the floodlights not being bright enough from a distance also the lumens aren’t much

The camera on the floodlight is also a v3. A very over looked feature on the V3 is an option as to when night vision turns on,

With your cams sensing different amounts of light before switching to night vision I’m thinking this setting is different between the two cameras.

Go into one of the cams, probably the floodlight to start, and go to advanced settings.

Look for this.

When you go into that option it explains quite well the threshold for night vision to turn on.

I think this might help, but keep in mind having a cam outside on that floodlight should hypothetically expose it to more light than one inside behind glass. So play with this seeing and see if that helps at all.

Let us know the outcome

This is what I see.

In both photos, Night vision is set to auto. There is always sufficient light from the dusk-to-dawn outdoor light post (seen at the very left) such that Night vision is always off and the view is always in colour.

In the first photo, the floodlight is OFF. The entire area is very well lit. Quite impressive particularly because looking at this area through my own eyes, it is actually quite dark.

In this next photo, the floodlight has come ON. So even though there is MORE light from the floodlight, the view is significantly darker, particularly in the area approaching the car and beyond.

As I write this carefully explaining the environment, I am noticing that in this second photo, it appears that the dusk-to-dawn outdoor light post may have turned OFF (with the sensor on it getting light from the floodlight and thinking it’s daytime and turning that light off). I’m going to have to check tonight if indeed that is what is happening. If that is the case, would that explain why the v3 in the floodlight shows such a dark picture? Or even if my dusk-to-dawn light turned off, should the view that I see still be similar to the first photo?

Your photo of how much area is lit with the floodlight ON is similar to how much area I see with the floodlight on. But the fact that I see so much more and brighter with the floodlight off is my concern. (Even if my dusk-to-dawn got turned off by the floodlight turning on I would have thought there would be enough light to provide a similar bright view of the entire area like I see when the floodlight is off. My dusk-to-dawn is not very bright…certainly considerably less bright than the light provided by the floodlight).

My floodlight is also set to 100% brightness.

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Yea it’s probably that light off to the left that’s illuminating the rest of the image. Try pointing one of the floodlights lamps away from it to see if it will stay on with the floodlight.

Since I have 2 different problems (I think), I perhaps should have put them in 2 separate threads. Given that I didn’t, I’ll split my reply regarding my second floodlight cam, into this reply.

Thanks. I have noticed those settings. As mentioned, of course the indoor cam against the window has Night vision set to always off. There is a light source to the left (a rope light in a tree). It isn’t super bright, but provides enough light so I always get colour night vision and it gives a pretty good picture, as shown below.

On the floodlight, if set to Auto, Night vision conditions are set to Dark and IR Lights to Far. And when set to Auto, the view is always black and white. Despite there being enough light to give me colour from the indoor cam, there doesn’t seem to be enough light for the outdoor cam.

If I change the setting on the floodlight cam to Night vision Off, then I get a view that is similar to my indoor cam. You can see the bottom of the tree in the top left hand corner. This is where the rope lights are hanging, giving me my light source for both the indoor window cam and the floodlight cam.

I could just set the floodlight cam to Night vision OFF to always get the colour view above, but if my rope lights turn off, which is possible, then there certainly isn’t enough light to see much of anything.

So I really need the Night vision AUTO setting…which brings me to my question: why would I only get black and white when on the auto setting?

Agreed and this makes it more of a mystery to me. The indoor cam clearly has enough light for colour, as does the floodlight. But the Auto setting on the floodlight doesn’t seem to think there is enough light so I only get black and white when on the Auto Night vision setting :frowning:


First off thank you thank you thank you for the clarification. I know I speak for my team that if we had people that were to clarify things as well as you have each time we run into an issue, our troubleshooting would go far far easier. Good form!!! I may reference your post as to how to truly clarify things in the future :wink: thank you again.

So this is merely guessing, but it looks like your camera that points out the window has the rope lights visible to it (in frame) and thus more light is entering the sensor. With the flood light cam seemingly pointed downward it doesn’t seem to pick up as much light. I think that’s what’s causing it not to be as sensitive to the changes. Do you by chance have a second camera plugged into your flood light? On the attached flood light camera that controls the flood light if that’s the absolute view you have to have I think other than putting in a little bit brighter light you may be out of luck. But if you have the option for another camera to run off the flood light being as there is a USB plug-in to run a second camera off of the flood light you could always do another camera from that far side, the right side of the frame for the picture taken from the flood light and that would overlook your flood light fairly closely, I think you’d be able to capture the rope light and the emitted light there so that the automatic night vision would work better, and you wouldn’t have any blind spots in that area at all either :slight_smile:

I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for but other than putting out brighter light out there I think that might possibly be the next best thing

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Thanks. As a troubleshooter myself, I know how important it is to be precise, so I try :slight_smile:

I did a bunch of testing this evening. Knowing that my indoor cam sees colour just fine, I tried plugging it into the USB A of the flood cam. I couldn’t get the secondary cam to work at all. It was as if there was no power. I wondered if I needed to enable the port, but I didn’t see any setting to do that, so I assume the port is faulty. But I did try just plugging the indoor cam into a wall outlet and holding it up to roughly the same place as the flood cam and it gave me colour (with night vision set to Auto). So it would appear that there is enough light to provide a colour image.

In all of that fiddling, I made a discovery. As I’ve said, with Night vision set to auto, I’ve only been getting B&W images. But then I manually turned the floodlight on and not surprisingly I then got a colour image on the flood cam. Then I turned the flood off, but the flood cam continued to give me a colour image! As I type this now, I am seeing the same beautiful colour image that I get when Night Vision is set to OFF, but it is currently set to AUTO!

In all of the messing around with this tonight, my turning on/off the floodlight usually gives me a colour view, but I’ve also seen a couple of times when after this “workaround” the image reverts to B&W. So the “workaround” sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, not to mention this workaround seems to require either manual intervention to turn on/off the flood light, or an event to turn it on. Kinda flaky.

So from what I see, this flood cam has a defective USB A port (not that I plan on using it) and it doesn’t reliably provide colour on AUTO Night vision mode.

What do you make of this new information? Defective cam? I’m still in my return window with Amazon to exchange the flood cam if you think it might be defective. But that window closes on Thursday. Outside of that window I suppose I could deal directly with Wyze for their warranty. Not sure how easy it is to deal with them. Amazon exchanges are certainly easy.

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I retested that this evening and see that when the floodlight comes on, the exterior Street light remains on. So that doesn’t explain the overall lack of brightness when the floodlights are on.

I’ve got even more light with the floodlights on, yet the image is considerably darker. Something doesn’t seem right.

Do you (or does anyone) have colour night vision from their floodlight cam and then when the floodlights come on, is the view just as bright and detailed, or does everyone have the same problem that I have?

I think I forgot to add that if my source of light for the colour night vision (ie the rope light in the tree) gets turned off, of course the auto night vision on the floodlight causes the night vision to turn on and I get a B&W image as expected. But when the rope light is turned back on, my floodlight cam image remains B&W until the “workaround” takes place.

So it seems with fiddling I can get colour night vision to display, but it isn’t automatic as I understand it should be.