Light issue, but not insect

So, tonight my Pan Cam started displaying this “light” out of nowhere. Has been successfully displaying my car for months and then this. There is no bright light or light of any kind.out there and I tried cleaning the lens to see if it was that with no change?? Any thoughts on what is causing this???

If you pan the cam away from the spot does it stay with the cam or go out of view?

It stays with the cam. Thank you for replying.

I would ten to think it is something on the lens somehow,or close enough that it shows up, but if it turns with the cam it has to be on it somewhere, I haven’t run into one that moves with the cam. Is it only obstructed in night vision mode or is there a noticeable issue in daylight?

A movie might be interesting.

Just to clarify, it does not move, it stays in that same spot when the cam pans.

If I turn night vision off it does not appear. Just saw it tonight, so unsure what it will look like in daylight??

Ok, just to make sure I did not confuse myself, when you say it stays in the same spot do you mean no matter where the cam is panned to it always is in that portion of the cameras view?

It does get confusing, but yes, that is what it does. This morning it looked like a blur or smudge, but….It went offline and I can not access it. Restarts fail and pulling the power does nothing to correct. I need to take it down and try to get it back online when I get some time to do so.

I get this from spider webs

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it’s Aliens!

My best guess would be a reflection from an IR source? Maybe the cameras own IR lights?


Doesn’t sound as fun as my suggestion but probably

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I’m going with Aliens, works for me. Actually I finally took it down and there was a small clear deposit of something on the lens. Unfortunately, not really an issue anymore as the thing is now dead??? It went offline and would not reconnect or allow me to restart it. At first it gave me the “Power Cycle Error Code -90”, but then just went offline and has shown no signs of life since. I cannot recall when I purchased it and of course Order information is not currently available so not sure if it is under warranty or not!!!


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What does the light on the back of the camera do when you plug it in?

Absolutely nothing

Support is replacing the dead Pan, class act, so hopefully the Aliens will not return or probe the new one.


Thanks for letting us know that they helped you out to your satisfaction, don’t always hear about the good results.

You are using the cam outside, correct? You probably have a clear shield that mounts over the entire camera, including the lens? If so, that is your problem. The clear cover over the lens creates a glare when the IR is activated in darkness. You can verify this by panning the camera up and down, rather than side-to-side. I drilled a hole directly over the lens in mine, and used clear packing tape to cover the two small openings under the lens, so water won’t get in.