Balls of light

I think that first one is a bug flying around.


Yep, this happens all the time with the IR turned on. It attracts bugs and causes motion events all the time.

That’s part of why I LOVE the new V3’s, because I can disable the IR stuff on most of them and it will still show me great video, and often in color without being a beacon to call bugs over to it like the V2’s and WCO’s have to do to be able to see in the dark.


I get this all the time with my vs2’s :joy:. I agree with @mvb , they are probably bugs because the The Camera is outside.


When bugs, dust, etc, flies close to the camera at night, not only do they light up, but they are way out of focus which makes them look much larger than they are. Aside from the orb looking things, I get spider webs outside in front of the camera that look like bright thick ropes



Moth shaped aliens.

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