Light bulbs not triggering by motion

I have a light bulb in my driveway as well as my front porch. I had them both set up and working so they would be triggered by motion to my camera in my driveway and my doorbell camera. I have one other bulb directly plugged into the lightbulb insert for the camera, and that one works perfectly. The other two have stopped working when motion is detected. I have fixed it before but the fix isn’t working. Please help!

Can you post a screenshot of your rule?

I assume you’re using a camera to detect motion?
Sometimes after a firmware update, I have seen the cameras change some settings. Go make sure your camera is still detecting motion.

Also make sure you’re still getting camera motion events in the events tab.

Check to make sure you can turn the lights on and off from the app. If they’re not working right, then you might have to kill the power and turn it back on to try to get them to restart and work right again.

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What was your previous fix? What was working before but isn’t working now?

I don’t have any experience with the Lamp Socket :lamp_socket:, which is what I think you’re describing, so I can’t speak directly to triggering that (which seems like it’s working for you now) but I do use motion detection and a Cam OG to trigger Light Strips and other Wyze bulbs, and I do that with Rules. Is that how you’re trying to achieve your goal?

Quick-fingered @carverofchoice jumped in while I was writing and already asked my next thought: Is the driveway bulb working normally without motion detection? In other words, are you able to control it via the app, and is it reporting a strong Wi-Fi signal currently?